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Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex Review
Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex Review

PUBLISHED: 08/23/2012 by breditor
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Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex

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Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex is a health supplement also known under the name Advanced Gamma E Complex. It contains tocopherols, natural antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium, a combination that is supposed to maximize the antioxidant effect that the product has. This formulation is supposed to help in dealing with stress, detoxification of the organism and by promoting general health in the organism.

The supplement is manufactured by Now Foods, a US-based company that has been producing top-quality health products for over 40 years. They have an extensive product range, and encourage customers to contact them for any questions or advice regarding their products. Unfortunately their products are not available for direct purchase, customers being offered a list of available retailers from the United States, Canada or other international locations. This also implies that return policies are dependent on the choice of retailer.

Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex Ingredients

Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex contains: Vitamin E, Selenium, Mixed Tocotrienols, Alpha Tocotrienols, Gamma Tocotrienols, Beta Tocotrienols, Mixed Tocopherol, Delta Tocopherol, Gamma Tocopherol, Delta Tocopherol, Gelatin, Oryza Oil (containing Rice Tocotrienols), Rice Bran Oil, Glycerin, Water, Carob, and Beeswax.

Product Features

The ingredient formulation for Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex is mostly vitamin-based, the core ingredients being Tocotrienol and Tocopherol, two out of eight fat-soluble substances included in the vitamin E compound group.

Vitamin E is known as a potent antioxidant and has often been used in beauty products, as it is thought to protect the skin from damaging agents such as wind and pollution. Health-wise, however, this vitamin has very little attested effects. While it was widely believed that Tocotrienol and Tocopherol can reduce the risk of cancer, heart conditions, cataract and glaucoma or even neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease. Most of these claims were either proven false or there was insufficient evidence to attest to their validity, making the use of vitamin E as medical treatment controversial.

Care is always advised when dealing with vitamin-based supplements, as large dosages of these nutrients can lead to hypervitaminosis, a potentially life-threatening condition.

The manufacturer advises its customers take 1 capsule daily, unless prescribed differently by a doctor. The product is considered safe for all ages, as long as the recommended dose is not exceeded.

Sale Price: $5.49

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Inexpensive product, a bottle costs $15 and should last up to 2 months
  • The product is considered safe for all ages and genders
  • There are no reported side-effects, as long as the recommended dosages are respected
  • Quality manufacturer, received a series of acknowledgements for its performances


  • The manufacturer does not sell its products directly to customers
  • Refund policies and shipping charges depend on the retailer the customer chooses
  • There is no evidence of research conducted on the product itself
  • No free trial offer available for this product


Nowadays the trend in healthcare is prevention, rather than treatment of a condition or illness. This explains the large amounts of products such as Now Foods’ Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex that are now available on the market, claiming they can improve the everyday health of customers, while providing little medical evidence to support it.

The customers that have tried Natural Tocotrienol and Tocopherol Complex seem pleased with its performances, reporting feeling more energetic and relaxed, enabling them to perform better in their daily tasks.

Keep in mind that this product is not directly purchasable from the manufacturer. We, therefore, encourage you to research the retailer options for this supplement, so that you get the best service you can at a good price.

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