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Natural Mixed Carotenoids Review
Natural Mixed Carotenoids Review

PUBLISHED: 08/21/2012 by breditor
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Natural Mixed Carotenoids

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Natural Mixed Carotenoids is a product aimed to reduce the effect of so-called free radicals, thus reducing cellular damage. Free radicals are considered elements such as stress, smoke, excess fats or even radiation, so elements we all encounter in our day-to-day lives. It is also a good means of treatment for people suffering from Vitamin A deficiency, a condition that can have serious effects on one’s health.

This product is manufactured by Golden Glow, an Australian company that provides many top-quality health supplements. They offer a 30-day return possibility for all of their products, for both sealed and unsealed supplements purchased from them. Due to their location, shipping costs to the US could be high, or they might not offer some products for international shipping.

Natural Mixed Carotenoids Ingredients

Natural Mixed Carotenoids contains: Carotenoids calc. as Betacarotene 30mg from Dunaliella salina standardised extract equivalent to fresh cells.

Product Features

Natural Mixed Carotenoids is mainly composed out of Beta-carotene, an organic compound classified as a hydrocarbon. Known for its usage as a natural pigment, this substance is also believed to have some protective properties, with some medics claiming it might be a prevention method for some types of cancer. Despite these claims, there are no medically-attested cancer treatments involving beta-carotene.

Other claims regarding Beta-carotene is that the substance has potent antioxidant effects, and can prevent cell deterioration. It can also stimulate the immune system, providing extra benefits to people that have a predisposition towards illness.

There are many studies regarding the active substance of Natural Mixed Carotenoids, but no proof of research involving the product itself, which makes the manufacturer’s claims less believable.

This product is available in a capsule form, and the advised dosage is one capsule each day, taken with a meal. There are no reports of side effects associated with this product, but if you experience any undesired effects, it is strongly encouraged you consult a medical professional.

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  • The active ingredient of the formulation is heavily researched
  • Inexpensive product, a bottle costs $18.95 and can last up to two months
  • Manufacturer is known for providing quality products and services
  • Product can be purchased online, directly from the manufacturer


  • No evidence of research conducted on the product itself
  • Due to the company’s location, shipping costs can be quite high
  • It is uncertain whether this product is better than natural forms of beta-carotene
  • Many similar products available on the market


The main disadvantage that Natural Mixed Carotenoids presents is the lack of sufficient proof that it the product is necessary. Beta-carotene is a substance readily available in most fruit and vegetables, and had high bioavailability, meaning that a balanced diet might eliminate the need for this supplement.

Golden Glow has received quite some praise from its customers, many reporting that Natural Mixed Carotenoids has made them feel better, more energetic and overall healthier. If you want to test these claims, we suggest you consult a doctor in order to make sure that this is the best product for you.

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