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Natural DHA and EPA Softgels Review
Natural DHA and EPA Softgels Review

PUBLISHED: 09/28/2012 by BR Moderator
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Natural DHA and EPA Softgels

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Natural DHA and EPA Softgels is an Omega-3 fish oil formula advertised to improve cognition, enhance memory and reduce mental fatigue. This product is offered under the brand name Lift Blue Sky by Red Kaifeng Red Maple Leaf Biotechnology Co located in Henan, China.

The company founded in 2004 also manufactures a large variety of vitamins, herbal formulations and other supplements which target specific ailment claims or bodily systems such as diabetes, insomnia, bone and joint health and many more. The company operates a 26 thousands square meters GMP certified facility and distributes their products in China, several European countries and the United States.

The company sells their products in bulk and they will ship only big orders of Natural DHA and EPA Softgels: the minimum required order is 100 cartons, each carton containing 96 bottles.

Natural DHA and EPA Softgels exists in two forms: one for children and one for adults. The formula is also suited for pregnant women.

Natural DHA and EPA Softgels Ingredients

Natural DHA and EPA Softgels includes the following ingredients: DHA and EPA.

Product Features

Natural DHA and EPA Softgels combines two essential Omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA. Omega-3 fatty acids have to be obtained from food or other means of supplementation, since they are not naturally produced by the body.

Research has shown they play a crucial role in brain function and health, as well as normal growth and development. Other medicinal applications of EPA and DHA include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma or macular degeneration. Recent research is testing the hypothesis that Omega-3’s may help with depression symptoms, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and ADD/ADHD. Still, more research is needed to actually confirm these benefits.

So far, scientists have concluded that DHA may be more important to pre and post-natal brain development (hence often included in pregnant women and children supplementation), whereas EPA seems more influential on behavior and mood. However, both DHA and EPA generate neuroprotective metabolites.

A daily dosage for EPA and DHA is not generally accepted, however most doctors recommend that the daily dosage does not exceed 3 grams of fatty acids per day without medical supervision. Supplements vary in the amounts and ratios of EPA and DHA. Side effects associated to Omega 3 are gas, belching, bloating and diarrhea. Also, they may interact with blood thinning medication and may be harmful to people who suffer from a bleeding disorder.

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  • The softgels are manufactured in GMP certified facilities
  • Enteric coated, easy to swallow soft gels
  • The price per bottle is extremely low (maximum $5 for a bottle of 100 capsules)


  • Omega 3 fatty acids may interact with blood thinning medication and be harmful to people who suffer from a bleeding disorder
  • Potential harmful side effects of Omega-3 (gas, bloating, belching and diarrhea)
  • The product is only sold in bulk
  • The source of Omega-3 is not mentioned


The manufacturer of Natural DHA and EPA softgels EPA and DHA formula will primarily benefit cognitive function, memory and reduce mental fatigue. These plus many more health benefits are generally associated to Omega-3 fatty acids intake. However, the manufacturer does not mention the source of the Omega 3 fish oil from which EPA and DHA are extracted, a detail which is of utmost importance.

The products are sold in bulk, in minimum 100 cartons (96 bottles per carton of 100 capsules each).

There are no direct consumer reviews available which makes it hard for us to assess the formula’s effectiveness. Given that most doctors recommend that a fatty acids daily intake is not clearly established, we advise you start treatment at the recommendation of a healthcare provider.

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