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Natrol Stress Complex Review
Natrol Stress Complex Review

PUBLISHED: 08/08/2012 by brreader
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Natrol Stress Complex

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Natrol Stress Complex is marketed as a product that can help reduce stress levels, helping people lead a happier life. Stress is nearly inevitable in today’s life, with busy schedules and long work hours preventing people from leading a healthy life and maintain a balanced diet. The first step in eliminating stress and having a balanced mood is receiving a proper intake of nutrients, like the ones contained in Natrol Stress Complex.

There are many people that can benefit from a product that enables them to live a stress-free life, product such as this one offered by Natrol. This company has been manufacturing and distributing health supplements for over three decades, amassing a large customer base and extending its product list to tenths of items that can help with mood, cognition and weight management. Unfortunately, the company does not disclose its policy regarding returns.

Natrol Stress Complex Ingredients

Natrol Stress Complex contains: Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid.

Product Features

Natrol Stress Complex contains an entirely vitamin-based formula. The product is supposed to reduce stress and promote a balanced mood, but the company that produces it does not disclose exactly what its mechanism of action is. Aside from that, the formulation is common among supplements that deal with mood, which means that this product is not unique.

The vitamin complex found in this supplement is moderately controversial, due to the way in which vitamins tend to affect the human body. They are known to have great effect on people that suffer from deficiencies, either caused by illnesses or lack of good nutrition, but most vitamins have little effect on a healthy human body. Furthermore, taking excessive amounts of vitamins can lead to Hypervitaminosis, which essentially means vitamin poisoning; this condition can have very dire effects, leading to the failure of certain organs and sometimes even death.

The recommended daily dose for Natrol Stress Complex is two capsules in the morning, taken with food. We suggest you consult a doctor before beginning treatment with this supplement, to ensure that the product won’t cause more harm than good.

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  • Vitamin based formulation of ingredients
  • Affordable product, a bottle costing around $20 can last up to two months
  • You can safely purchase online, directly from the manufacturer


  • No evidence of medical research to support product claims
  • There is no free trial offer
  • There are many similar products available on the market
  • Effectiveness of the product might be reduced on a person that doesn’t suffer from vitamin deficiency


While this product might be helpful from people suffering from deficiencies, it is uncertain how efficient it is for other individuals. Unfortunately, Nartol doesn’t offer any information regarding testing or research, to support the claims they make regarding their product, so the only way to judge is through the reduced amount of customer testimonials, most of which are very positive.

For most people, consulting a nutritionist should come before ordering such a product, as the amount of vitamins contained in Natrol Stress Complex is readily available in most food supplies and is more bioavailable, meaning the body absorbs it easier than it does synthesized ingredients.

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