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NatraBurst Review
NatraBurst Review

PUBLISHED: 08/07/2012 by breditor
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NatraBurst is a supplement that doesn’t target a specific condition or illness; instead, it improves the overall health of the customers. It serves more as a means of prevention against potential illnesses and strengthens the immune system. It also helps in building muscle mass, increasing energy, and promoting fat loss. This supplement intends to be an all-around helpful product, easy to take on a daily basis in order to have a healthy, happy life.

The manufacturer that makes NatraBurst is One Twenty Four, a fairly unknown name in the field of health supplements that has three available products. There is little information available regarding the company, such as the year they were founded, their physical address, and even the means of purchase. It seems they employ a pyramid-type of marketing, the only way of purchasing their products being through one of their representatives, or becoming one yourself.

NatraBurst Ingredients

NatraBurst contains: Brown Rice Protein, Barley grass, Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheat grass, Carrot, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Beet, Aloe Vera, Tumeric, Cilantro, Mangosteen, Acerola Berry, Red Beet Root, Pomegranate, Green Tea Extract, Quercitin, Resveratrol, Grape Seed Extract, Blueberry, Tomato, Flax, Brown Rice Bran, Oat Betaglucan, Apple Pectin, Papain, Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase, Glutamine Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Reuteri, Bifidobacterium Breve, Bifidobacterium Rhamnosus and Fructooligosaccharides.

Product Features

NatraBurst contains a mostly herbal formulation of ingredients. The manufacturer claims they made the choice not to use vitamins or minerals in the product, instead trying to provide their customers with all the nutrients they need through their extensive inclusion of fruit, vegetable and herb extracts.

The product contains four types of active principles, each encompassing a large amount of ingredients. The blends included in this product are: digestive, which includes flax, brown rice bran and a series of enzymes; antioxidant, with ingredients such as aloe vera, cilantro, pomegranate and green tea, all of which have strong antioxidant properties; greens, like barley grass, spirulina, beet, which have the purpose of boosting the immune system and stimulating weight loss; and protein blend, consisting of brown rice protein.

There is a lot of information presented regarding the ingredients used in the formulation, but no mentioning of research or testing done on the product itself.

The recommended dosage for NatraBurst is two shakes each day, taken with meals. We advise you consult a doctor and read the ingredient list carefully, to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the formulation.

Sale Price: $98.95

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • Mostly herbal formulation of ingredients
  • Contains no artificial stimulants or caffeine
  • Contains no added flavors, preservatives or colors
  • Easy to digest product, in the form of a shake


  • Little information available regarding the manufacturer
  • No specification regarding dosages of ingredients
  • No evidence of research or testing
  • Product is difficult to purchase


Preventing an illness is usually easier and more comfortable than treating it and this seems to be the principal that One Twenty Four relied on when designing this product. However, there is little medical evidence that NatraBurst performs as advertised, which might put some customers off.

There are some customer testimonials available and they seem to support the product claims. Most people report feeling more energetic, starting to lose weight within the first week of taking it and even getting sick less often.

Whether these reports are true or false, we still suggest you conduct your own research of you are interested in this product or a similar one. NatraBurst is not a unique product, with many similar so-called “super foods” available on the market, which leave plenty of choice to customers that wish to find the best option for themselves.

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NatraBurst Review
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2 User Reviews about NatraBurst
  1. 1

    James Williams

    NatraBurst is one of the best products that I have ever tried. I wish I could find a place to buy it. If you have an outlet for this product, please email me.

  2. 2

    NatraBurst has for all intents and purposes cured my irritable bowel syndrome. I’ve been on it for about 6 months. The results in how I feel are simply incredible.
    The main concern of this review was how to sign up. It is hard to purchase unless you know somebody who is on it. You can to go http://www.natra-lean.biz and sign up there to get on my waiting list. If you do, I’ll make sure you can sign up to try it.

    It is a referral based business which is nice because the cost goes down over time, with most people I know getting it completely free by month 6.