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Natra Health – Korean Ginseng Review
Natra Health – Korean Ginseng Review

PUBLISHED: 08/05/2012 by brreader
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Natra Health - Korean Ginseng

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Natra Health – Korean Ginseng is a supplement based on Korean herbs that is meant to improve memory and concentration, as well as boosting stamina and alleviating anxiety and stress. It is mainly targeted at men, but there is no reason to believe women can’t benefit from the product just as well.

Natra Health – Korean Ginseng is produced by Grooming Health, a company founded in 2005 in the United Kingdom; their aim is to provide top quality care for men. From shaving and trimming products, to health supplements and even dietary aid, this company attempts to provide the full range of products men need to keep themselves healthy and feel pampered from time to time.

All products ordered from this manufacturer come with a 28-day exchange period, but they only apply to products that haven’t been used and that still have the seal intact.

Natra Health – Korean Ginseng Ingredients

Natra Health – Korean Ginseng contains: Korean Ginseng extracts

Product Features

The formulation of Natra Health – Korean Ginseng is entirely herbal, the only active ingredient being the Korean Ginseng extract. Although the product is advertised to be for men’s health, this herb has been known to have positive effects both for men and women.

In traditional medicine, Korean Ginseng was used to relieve pain, being known for its palliative properties. Modern medical research, along with clinical trials reveal that the plant also has nootropic properties, boosting memory and the capacity to focus. It is also thought to improve physical energy and stamina, although these claims have never been fully proven.

According to the manufacturer, the optimal way of taking Natra Health – Korean Ginseng is one tablet daily for two weeks, followed by a two week break. It is strongly discouraged to continue taking it for more than six weeks without interruptions.

There are no reported side effects or counter-indications for this product. However, it is always advised to consult a doctor before beginning treatment with any type of supplement, to prevent possible issues from occurring.

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  • The ingredient formulation is entirely herbal
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or stimulants
  • Contains no caffeine
  • A month’s supply costs $7.14
  • You can safely purchase this product online, from the manufacturer


  • No evidence that the formulation is as efficient as advertised
  • Although the manufacturer claims that the product is designed for men, there is no information to support this
  • Free trial offers were available in the past, but have been discontinued
  • Small number of customer testimonials available


Many people wish to preserve their mental and physical youth, and Natra Health – Korean Ginseng claims that it can help people do exactly that, just by ingesting one tablet each day. Similar claims are often made by many other products, but little hard evidence is ever offered to help us affirm that any of them perform as well as they claim to.

There are many customers of GroomingHealth that report having a great experience with the company and, particularly, with this product. Many people claim that they felt rejuvenated after a two-week treatment with Natra Health – Korean Ginseng, that their stamina and libido improved, that their minds were working better and faster, and that they felt, overall, better.

It is ultimately up to you do decide if this product is what you need. We suggest that when making this decision you consult a doctor and conduct your own research into this supplement.

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Natra Health – Korean Ginseng Reviewbrreader2.52016-04-25 12:09:31
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