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MyoCalm Review
MyoCalm Review

PUBLISHED: 08/03/2012 by brreader
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MyoCalm is a muscle relaxant produced by Metagenics. This company has a wide array of product dealing with various health issues, and claims to place a lot of care in choosing the ingredients for their supplements. In order to prevent misuse of their products, Metagenics only sells their products through attested medical practitioners, meaning that MyoCalm, as well as any other product from the manufacturer, are only available if advised by a doctor.

The main claim behind MyoCalm is that it promotes muscle relaxation, relieving pain caused by over-exertion, prevents nocturnal muscle cramps and reduces muscle spasms. This can prove helpful for athletes or people that have to sustain physical effort, as well as people that experience leg cramps or similar issues due to lack of minerals and vitamins.

MyoCalm Ingredients

MyoCalm contains: Magnesium, Calcium, Passion Flower, and Valerian Root.

Product Features

MyoCalm contains a mixed formulation of ingredients, including minerals and herbal elements. The manufacturer provides no information to back up their choice of ingredients, as it seems there was no research performed in order to prove that this product actually works.

Magnesium is a mineral that is considered very important for the human body. In this ingredient formulation it is present in the form of Magnesium Citrate, which is a salt that’s normally used as a laxative prior to colonoscopies and such. It is also useful in the prevention of kidney stones and is sometimes used as a treatment for migraines and headaches.

Calcium lactate is a salt of calcium and is often used to treat calcium deficiency, as well as preventing tooth decay. Calcium deficiency or hypocalcaemia can be a dangerous condition that might lead to numbing and tingling in the extremities, spotting of the skin, as well as potentially life-threatening conditions such as cardiac arrhythmias.

Passionflower and Valerian are two plants that are commonly found in many supplements that are meant to deal with stress and induce relaxation. They are both used as alternative means of treatment for depression, and are considered anxiolytic. They also have mild analgesic properties.

The recommended dose for MyoCalm is two tablets, two or three times a day, but your doctor might advise otherwise. This product is not intended for the use of children. The potential side-effects include drowsiness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and constipation.

Sale Price: $27.25

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Moderately priced product, a month’s supply costs roughly $25
  • Contains no stimulants or caffeine
  • Contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors
  • Manufacturer has a good reputation among producers of health supplements


  • No research performed to back up product claims
  • Only means of purchase is through a medical practitioner that is affiliated with the manufacturer
  • No possibility of a free trial
  • No information regarding returns and refunds
  • There is a list of potential side-effects associated with this product


While it is not certain if MyoCalm works or not, most people that have tried products from Metagenics report the supplements doing exactly what they were meant to; in the case of this supplement, people that were prone to experiencing discomfort due to muscle pains, tension or leg cramps report a considerable decrease in these issues, enabling them to perform their tasks or continue their exercise without the fear of their muscles causing them pain.

If you believe this product can help you, there is more information available on the manufacturer’s website. You can also contact them by phone or email, or receive more information about their products from any of the affiliated medical practitioners.

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MyoCalm Review
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