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Muscle Relax Review
Muscle Relax Review

PUBLISHED: 06/12/2013 by BR Publishing
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Muscle Relax

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Muscle Relax is manufactured by Europharma, a leading company in the supplementation domain due to their long history of effective supplements. All their results were made possible through the help of Terry Lemerond, the company’s leader. He is a man that has managed to gather over 40 years of experience, by making all kinds of weird combinations, which people did not agree with initially. Going out there and trying is the only way to evolve, and this is a thing well known by Terry.

This is a product that provides support to various bodily functions, but it primarily targets the relaxation needed at night. Most people suffer from cramps, which always ruin a good mood or a day just because of the discomfort they bring. It also helps the respiratory function, and is even recommended by specialists to kids, as it relaxes their nervous system, reducing their frenzy if it becomes a problem for them and their environment. The way in which the product works is unique: it replenishes the calcium lost from intense exercise or exhaustion from various reasons, also restoring tissue. This supplement is recommended to those that spend a lot of time outdoors and tend to have a higher sun exposure.

Muscle Relax Ingredients

Muscle Relax contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable source magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, cellulose, and purified water.

Product Features

Muscle Relax is a supplement designed for everyone, including kids or elderly people, which can be taken against cramps that occur often. It gives you stamina and energy due to the mineral based ingredients that play a big part in our well-being. It also helps people who exercise regularly, as it repairs tissue that has been exhausted, or people such as workers that spend all their day outdoors, in the sun. There are also many other benefits, in different body functions, such as respiratory and cardiovascular performance.

One important ingredient is magnesium; as it helps the muscle contract and relax, it is also important for providing energy, and it is required for a good overall muscle function. Also this ingredient is very important in recovery after working out.

Calcium is another ingredient that has a crucial impact on our body, because it is responsible for our bone strength and also teeth strength. There have been cases in which side-effects have occurred, because some ingredients caused certain allergies or generated some aches. This has happened because people in general tend to be ignorant about recommendations, and are not aware about how their body would react.

The daily dosage should be two capsules per day. Before taking any kind of supplementation, consider going to a health-care practitioner.

Sale Price: $17.25

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Relaxes your nervous system
  • There is a money-back guarantee
  • Great for kids
  • Supports healthy respiratory function


  • There is no free trial
  • Might cause some allergies


Muscle relax is a product made by Europharma, a company founded in 1997 in Wisconsin, Green Bay, by Terry Lemerond, the man behind their achievements. He has over 40 years of experience in the supplementation domain, and through this amazing feat he managed to deliver good quality and effective supplements. People from all over the world have shown their support for Europharma, through e-mails and testimonials, which generally show a positive attitude towards the results achieved by taking any kind of supplement. There are similar products with the claims which Muscle Relax has, but they can not be compared, because of the effectiveness given by Terry.

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