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Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu Review
Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu Review

PUBLISHED: 07/20/2012 by brreader
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Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu

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Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu is a product that relies on traditional Chinese medicine in order to help people restore their emotional and mental balance, reducing stress, promoting a feeling of calmness, and curing insomnia. This supplement can help people that find themselves overwhelmed by the workload of their daily lives, that are unable to sleep properly or get the right amount of rest despite sleeping sufficiently, or simply for people that feel that their lives could use some improvement through natural methods.

The supplier for this product is Health King Enterprise, an importer and producer of traditional Chinese remedies. The company has been operating since 1995, and claims only to import top quality products, that have been proven to work. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to purchase the products directly from Health King Enterprise, but they do list all of their distributors, making it possible for customers to locate the closest one.

Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu Ingredients

Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu contains: Acorus Pinellia, Polygala, Licorice, Cape Jasmine, Turmeric, Jujube Seed, Arisaema, Angelica and Hoelen.

Product Features

Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu has an entirely herbal formulation, supposedly gathering a series of traditional Chinese herbs into a supplement to reduce stress and promote well-being.

Acorus Pinellia is a species of herbs that’s been widely used in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine, where it is known for its sedative, anxiolytic, laxative and diuretic properties. Despite this popular usage for the plant, there has been little medical research to back up these claims.

Polygala, particularly the plant’s roots, is commonly used as an expectorant in Chinese medicine. Modern medicine, however, has found potential use of the plant as a memory enhancer, tests so far revealing mild nootropic properties associated with this plant.

The major downfall of Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu is that it relies heavily on traditional medicine, which is not always backed up by the findings of today’s medical practitioners and researchers. The manufacturer provides some excerpts from a textbook on Chinese Traditional Medicine as support for their claims regarding the ingredients found in this product, but no evidence of clinical tests conducted on the product itself.

The best way to take this supplement is thrice a day, one tablet before each meal. If taken without food, it is possible to experience nausea and dry mouth. If you are taking any form of prescription medication, consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

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  • Product contains an entirely herbal formulation;
  • There has been research conducted on some of the ingredients contained in the product;
  • Contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives;
  • Affordable product, costing roughly $25, based on the choice of supplier;


  • No evidence of research conducted on the product itself;
  • It is not possible to purchase directly from the manufacturer;
  • There are no testimonials made available by the manufacturer;
  • Refunds, samples and trial offers depend on the retailer;


Many people are drawn by products such as Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu, because they promote traditional forms of medicine, which are believed to have worked for centuries. This is, not always the case, and caution is always advised when dealing with this type of products, seeing as a herb that is very beneficial for certain people, can prove toxic to others.

With the lack of hard evidence to support their product, Health King Enterprise might find themselves in a position where people will avoid buying their supplement, choosing products that are not entirely herbal, but have attested medical use.

Some people have tried Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu already, and most reports are positive, claiming that the product helped them achieve a calmer mindset, improved their sleeping habits and, in some cases, even experienced weight loss.

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Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu Reviewbrreader2.252016-04-28 12:09:31
Mood Lifter Chaizhi Jieyu Review
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