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Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles Review
Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles Review

PUBLISHED: 07/11/2013 by BR Technical
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Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles

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Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy meant to help children, including young babies, by relieving symptoms of emotional trauma, fear, or shock, and keeping a balanced emotional state. The supplement is offered by Native Remedies, a U.S. company that has been present on the supplement market for quite a number of years now and that currently offers over 250 products for various health concerns. The company has built a good reputation among consumers and claims to manufacture its products in FDA and GMP registered pharmaceutical facilities.

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles is specially formulated for use in children, using only safe homeopathic ingredients in a formulation that is supposed to assist children and babies overcome with ease any kind of emotional trauma or negative emotion they might face. The manufacturer claims the remedy soothes upset children, calms them when frightened and restores their emotional balance. It is also easy to administer because it is offered in the form of granules that can be dissolved directly in the mouth. The product is also advertised as non-addictive and natural, suited for all ages including babies over 6 months, and is also registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles is an inexpensive supplement available directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles Ingredients

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles contains the following ingredients: Aconitum nap (6C), Chamomilla (30C), Arnica (6C), Passiflora, Scullcap, Sucrose (inactive ingredient)

Product Features

This supplement is a homeopathic remedy designed to relieve emotional trauma, stress, and fear in children and infants using a special homeopathic formulation. It includes Aconitum Napellus, a homeopathic ingredient made from Aconite, a herb used in traditional Asian medicine to treat fevers and appendicitis, but also known as extremely poisonous and toxin. The homeopathic preparation is harmless and contains very small amounts of Aconite extract. The homeopathic remedy is recommended to treat stress, fear, anxiety, and mental restlessness, as well as physical restlessness. It is also used in case of fever, inflammation, burning, or tingling sensation in internal parts and numbness.

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles is registered with the FDA and advertised as safe and non-addictive, with only homeopathic ingredients and no side-effects. It is recommended for use in all ages, including in babies and young children. It is presented in the form of pleasant tasting granules that can be directly sprinkled on the tongue. The recommended dosage is one pinch on the tongue when needed, 10 minutes after a meal or 30 minutes after brushing teeth and can be repeated after 10-15 minutes if needed. It comes in 20g bottles, enough for 100 doses or 2 months of use depending on frequency, and is available for purchase on the Native Remedies website. Buyers are offered special offers and discounts and also an unconditional 1 year money back guarantee policy.

Sale Price: $19.95

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: NativeRemedies

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  • Good price;
  • Contain no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives;
  • Natural ingredients;
  • Safe for children;


  • No evidence to support effectiveness of the formulation;
  • The homeopathic approach has little scientific basis.


Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles is a homeopathic remedy advertised to support children during emotional trauma, stress, fear, and other negative emotions. It contains a combination of homeopathic ingredients that is indeed safe and non-addictive, but which has also yet to prove effective in any way. There is much talk around the effectiveness of any homeopathic remedy and little scientific evidence to support it. The manufacturer also fails to provide any scientific evidence to suggest the product works as advertised, but enjoys a good reputation among its consumers and has received numerous positive reviews. Bottom line, Native Remedies offers a number of quality products, but we advise our readers to carefully inspect any supplement, especially when giving it to children or infants.

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