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Moclobemide or Manerix Review
Moclobemide or Manerix Review

PUBLISHED: 07/20/2012 by BR Technical
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Moclobemide or Manerix

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Moclobemide or Manerix is a form of prescription medication used in the treatment of various forms of depression. Depression is a condition that more and more people suffer from, due to stress, lack of rest, and an unhealthy lifestyle. While treating it in its incipient phases is easy to do, leaving it untreated can have very harmful effects, suicide and tendencies to harm other being two of the possible consequences of an untreated case of depression.

There are many companies that commercialize Moclobemide or Manerix, one of which is Roche, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Founded in 1896, the company had a slow and steady ascent towards being one of the most successful companies that deal with health supplements and prescription medication.

Moclobemide or Manerix Ingredients

Moclobemide or Manerix contains: Moclobemide.

Product Features

The active ingredient of Moclobemide is used in many formulations, all of them dealing with various forms of depression or anxiety. The substance is not yet approved in the US, but has been successfully used in Europe and Asia in treatment of psychotic depression, bipolar depression, neurotic depression, social anxiety, and many other similar ailments.

The list of counter indications for this substance is quite extensive, as interactions with other forms of medication, or already present conditions can prove dangerous. It is not advised to take full doses if you suffer from liver failure, hyperthyroidism, and caution is recommended in people taking serotonin-based medication, or suffering from hypertension.

The product is considered safe for elderly, provided they do not suffer from any of the conditions listed as dangerous and are not taking any other forms of medication. The recommended dose varies from person to person, and is usually decided by the doctor prescribing it. Usage by people under the age of 18 is strongly discouraged, as well as taking Moclobemide if it wasn’t prescribed to you.

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  • Intensively researched product;
  • Manufacturer is ranked among the top producers of pharmaceutic products worldwide;
  • Contains no added stimulants or caffeine;
  • Product claims are supported by large amounts of clinical tests and trials;


  • Product is only available via prescription;
  • Large list of possible side effects and counter indications;
  • Caution is advised for people suffering from liver or thyroid gland dysfunctions;
  • Active ingredient is not yet approved in the United States;


Dealing with depression can prove very difficult, this being a condition that requires some changes in lifestyle and mentality. If you suffer from depression, finding the right medication is essential, and can make the difference between leading a normal healthy lifestyle and experiencing a downwards spiral. It is, therefore, very important to contact your doctor as soon as you notice any symptoms of depression, in order to begin treatment as soon as possible.

There is no question whether Moclobemide or Manerix works or not, it being a fully-tested, prescription-only medication. What is left to be discerned is whether it’s the right choice for you, but that question can only be answered by your doctor.

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