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Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder Review
Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder Review

PUBLISHED: 07/16/2012 by BR Technical
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Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder

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Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder is advertised as a unique formulation that reduces anxiety levels and promotes a calm mindset for people prone to experiencing mild to moderate anxiety. Due to the levels of stress people suffer from nowadays, it is not uncommon that performance pressure leads to said stress to turn into anxiety. This supplement is a form of non-prescription medication, making it attractive for people that are reluctant to admit their problems to a psychiatrist.

The company behind Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder is Vitaganic, previously known as Mitamins. The company was taken over in 2005, but continued producing top-quality products for a large number of ailments, including anxiety and stress disorders, metabolism issues and hormonal imbalance.

Vitaganic also provides a 30 day guarantee, providing a full refund of any product purchased from them that did not perform in a satisfactory way.

Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder Ingredients

Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder contains: Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Folate, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Choline, DHEA, Omega-3 and St. John’s Wort.

Product Features

Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder has a mixed formulation, containing vitamins, amino-acids and herbs, which, the manufacturer claims, were specifically selected to provide relief from anxiety.

The vitamin complex found in this product, containing vitamin D and various B-vitamins, is one commonly used in supplements for many other conditions other than anxiety. This formulation can provide many benefits for people suffering from vitamin deficiencies, which is often the case for people that experience large amounts of stress. However, they can prove inefficient, and even harmful, for people that have sufficient levels of vitamins in their body, as excessive consumption can lead to hypervitaminosis, a potentially lethal condition.

From the other ingredients, only Omega-3 and St. John’s Wort have some effects similar to anxiolytics, with the others having no proven psychiatric use. Omega-3 and St. John’s Wort have both been successfully used in treating various forms of depression, and are known to have mild sedative effects on the human body.

The manufacturer doesn’t provide any information regarding why they chose this ingredient formulation, or any evidence as to why it should prove more efficient than other similar products.

The recommended daily dose for Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder is one tablet, taken in the morning. Caution is advised when taking the product, as it might have some mild sedative effects. This product is not recommended for children, nursing or pregnant women. If you have any concerns regarding this product, or experience any side-effects, contact your doctor immediately.

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  • Contains many ingredients known to combat stress and anxiety;
  • Manufacturer offers a return policy;
  • Affordable shipping and product;
  • Contains no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors;


  • No possibility of a free trial;
  • No evidence of research to back up product claims;
  • Some of the ingredients in the formulation have a generic use, but are not targeted at anxiety;
  • Product possibly unsafe for children and pregnant women;


Anxiety is a very common condition nowadays, found mostly in working adults; stress, lack of free time, unbalanced dietary habits and lack of exercise, can all lead to the mind being overly preoccupied with so many things, that anxiety kicks in. People should keep in mind that not treating the symptoms of anxiety in time can result in depression and can lead to severe psychiatric conditions.

Vitagenic claims it provides people with a healthy way of fighting off anxiety, particularly during its incipient stages. Despite the lack of medical evidence to back up the product claims, there are reports of customers having used Mitamins Advanced Formula for Anxiety Disorder with very satisfactory effects, such as lowered levels of anxiety, less stress and less performance fright.

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