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MiracleBurn Review
MiracleBurn Review

PUBLISHED: 06/20/2012 by BR Moderator
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MiracleBurn is a weight loss product designed by Excell Now. There is not much information available about this company, aside from its location (United States) and some vague information regarding some of its products. Apparently, the company is specialized in producing and developing weight loss supplements. They are reachable through their phone number, listed on their website.With the busy schedules that most people have today, it is increasingly difficult for individuals to reach and maintain a silhouette that they are happy with. The stomach, hip and thigh areas are usually problematic, and fat tends to settle there with no easy apparent way of getting rid of it. MiracleBurn claims to be the solution to this problem, speeding up metabolism and providing people with a natural and easy way of losing weight.

MiracleBurn Ingredients

MiracleBurn contains the following ingredients: Hoodia, Bitter Orange, Yerba Mate, Advantra–Z, Iodine, L-Carnitine, and Chromium.

Product Features

MiracleBurn uses a unique combination of ingredients, which, according to the manufacturer, are specifically designed to aid people in their process of losing weight and acquiring a shape that they are happy with.

The main ingredient listed in the formulation is Hoodia, a plant that is being researched as an appetite suppressant. However, it has been removed from most weight loss supplements due to its lack of sustainability, as the herb is mentioned on the list of potentially endangered plants if harvesting and trading aren’t carefully supervised.

Similar appetite loss properties are associated with Bitter Orange, but this ingredient also has a partially conflicted history: following reports of predisposition to myocardial infarction linked to bitter orange extracts, this herb has been withdrawn from many formulations and has even been banned in several countries.

Yerba Mate is a tree that is commonly cultivated for its leaves, from which the mate drink is made. Extracts from these leaves have shown great potential in stimulating weight loss, by boosting the metabolizing of lipids, effectively helping the body burn fat faster.

L-Carnitine is widely available in a series of supplements, being considered one of the safest ways of speeding metabolism. Although there are no conclusive links between this amino-acid and weight loss, some studies have shown that there might be some connections between oral intakes of L-Carnitine and loss of fat mass, increases in muscle mass and reduced fatigue levels.

The manufacturer fails to provide any information regarding the reason behind the product’s efficiency, leaving room to speculation regarding whether MiracleBurn actually works as advertised. There is also concern that the product might provide detrimental to people suffering from Iodine sensitivity or that have thyroid gland dysfunction, as well as issues regarding the negative effects associated with Bitter Orange consumption.

The recommended dose for this supplement is one tablet daily. For any concerns, it is advised you consult your doctor.

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  • 7-day trial offer available;
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives;
  • Contains no caffeine or other stimulants;
  • Affordable supplement, a month’s supply costs around $20.


  • No available information regarding testing or clinical trials;
  • Some ingredients might pose danger hazards;
  • Little information available regarding the manufacturer;
  • No information regarding return possibilities.


For many people the prospect of reaching an attractive figure without any effort is very appealing. Excell Now aims to supply these people with a healthy, fast means of losing extra weight, advertising MiracleBurn as a miracle supplement that can simply make the fat go away.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the product performs as indicated, aside from some reports from customers that claim that they lost various amounts of weight in a small time frame, with no effort at all. The main concern regarding this product is the fact that it contains a series of ingredients that are listed as potentially dangerous or harmful.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this supplement, we strongly advise you consult with your doctor and try reaching the company for more information.

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