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MindPlace Kasina Review
MindPlace Kasina Review

PUBLISHED: 12/28/2015 by BR Moderator
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MindPlace Kasina

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MindPlace Kasina is a rather innovative solution offered to those who have to deal with day to day stress and are searching for a way to relax and find inner peace. The product uses a specific technology that combines Light with Sound. This technology is considered by visionary researchers as the future of healing as sounds and light are believed to be interchangeable energies that can harmonize and restore inner balance.

The company that developed and commercializes this product is an experienced US company called MindPlace. They have been in the business for over 20 years and are specialized in developing light and sound systems. Besides Kasina, MindPlace also created Proteus (the first bicolor mind machine) and Procyon.

MindPlace Kasina is promoted as a means of clearing the mind of any extraneous thoughts and even as a way to achieve meditation states, allowing users get read of negative feelings of frustration or anger and reach those calmness and relaxing states everybody dreams of.

Mental and emotional distress can manifest in the form of physical problems, the same way these physical conditions and illnesses can affect our emotional and mental balance. And based on another important premise that our organs are interconnected, one organ malfunction can be accompanied by imbalances in other areas and organs. It is why researchers and medical doctors try to find new approaches, using innovative tools and methods in restoring and preserving human health.


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Product Features

MindPlace Kasina is the last and “most advanced” system developed by this the manufacturer who describes it as a unique product. Its uniqueness lies in its structure. Conceived as an MP3 player, the system includes an 8GB microSD card that features over 50 audio-visual excursions based on the most diverse type of sounds. The aural backgrounds, nature-like or electronic tapestries, isochronic pulses, or binaural beats are synchronized to the visual experience offered by Kasina.

The MP3 device has a colored LED display with 16 different color ‘mapping presets. For an even fuller experience, users can use the Color Organ feature that includes 6 different settings which should cover even the most demanding tastes. The system also features a pair of glasses featuring six colored LEDs per eye that will enrich the visual experience.

MindPlace Kasina’s technology is based on sounds and light. Sounds have been used for several decades as healers starting with spinal-cranial adjustments to normalizing organ function. Sound patterns were shown to optimize mind-body connection and restore the balance between these two essential entities. Stress reduction, better sleeping patterns, improved overall performance, these are only a few of the believed benefits achieved through sound therapies. This theory is based on the concept that specific sound frequencies resonate with specific organs and vice versa. Each organ has a certain density that can be affected positively by a certain sound, and the body responds by normalizing the function of these organs. And because all organs and systems are interconnected and depend on each other in order to accomplish their functions correctly, an even increased attention has been placed on integrative therapies such as the light and sound therapy.

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  • Users benefit of a 50 audio-visual excursions, and various customization options for improving their experience
  • The sound and light technologies are becoming more appreciated therapies, as recent studies support the claimed benefits of this kind of technology


  • The standard price for such a system greatly exceeds that of any alternative therapy recommended for relaxation (natural remedies, supplements, etc.)
  • The evidence of this product actually working is limited at this time (only consumers– testimonials, no clinical studies involving the Kasina system)


While Kasina may seem like an expensive product at first, upon a more in-depth research it looks like sound and light therapy is the future of alternative medicine. Many researchers support the idea that certain sounds can influence brainwave and brain–s activity, making it more malleable and maximizing its functions. Binaural beats in particular have been shown to aid in different areas like stress reduction, improving creativity and learning, or promoting relaxation.

Light therapy is also intensively researched at this time, as the benefits of such a method on cognitive function were already observed in the first animal and human trials. Known as the low level light therapy (LLLT), the light therapy that uses LEDs is already becoming a popular method of cognitive augmentation. At this time there are mostly animal studies that prove the benefits of such a therapy (enhanced cortical oxygenation, improved memory retention, and increased metabolic capacity). LLLT is currently being investigated as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

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MindPlace Kasina Review
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