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Min-Tran Review

July 16, 2014BR Publishing
Editor's Review

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Min-Tran Review

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Min-Tran is a supplement manufactured by Standard Process, a company founded in the 1930s and that’s developed a prestigious name in the field of health supplements. The company does not commercialize its products itself, but it distributes it to specialized practitioners that can sell them to customers. This does not mean that you require a prescription to take Min-Tran, just that it’s preferable to consult a doctor before deciding to take the supplement, as is advisable with most health supplements.

The advertised purpose for Min-Tran is helping people regain their emotional balance, reducing stress and increasing the overall quality of life. Given the busy, goal-driven society we live in, it is very common for people to feel overwhelmed by stress, making the existence of such a product very favorable. Min-Tran has been available on the market since 1960, making it one of the oldest supplements of its kind, having its formula constantly improved.


Min-Tran contains: Kelp, Alfalfa, Water, Calcium Lactate, Calcium Stearate, and Magnesium Citrate.

Product Features

The formulation of Min-Tran is a mixture of herbal and mineral ingredients. It was initially introduced in 1960 and its formulation has been frequently revisited and improved throughout time, but basic ingredients have remained the same.

The ingredient list of the product mentions kelp, but does not specify the type of kelp used, making it difficult to assess its efficiency in the formulation. Generally speaking, there haven’t been many medical properties attributed to this type of algae, yet it is often found in many natural supplements.

Alfalfa is a herb found throughout the world under different names, and it is widely cultivated in the US. There are records of the plant being used for medical purposes, some dating back to the 1600, but there has been too little research done to either confirm or infirm its efficiency as a medicinal herb.

As for the mineral components in the product, Calcium Lactate, Calcium Stearate, and Magnesium Citrate, there is little evidence to indicate why they are used in this formulation, as they present little properties that seem to work towards the product goal.

Another issue with this formulation of ingredients is that, despite the long time it\’s been used for this product or similar ones, there seems to be no research available to indicate why the ingredients work in the way they should, or if they work at all for that matter.

The recommended dose for Min-Tran is 4 tablets daily, with a meal, although the indications might differ from person to person. The product is safe for children. If you should experience any negative effects taking this supplement, consult your doctor immediately.

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  • Product suitable for vegetarians;
  • Safe for consumption by children;
  • No reported harmful side-effects;
  • No artificial ingredients;
  • Product has been available for many years;


  • Purchase directly from manufacturer not possible;
  • No possibility of a free trial;
  • No medical evidence available to support product claims;


Dealing with stress and emotional imbalance is something that most people have difficulty in, and that’s where products such as Min-Tran come in. Unfortunately, these products often fail to provide relevant medical information to support their claims, as is the case for the product manufactured by Standard Process.

There is still a possibility that the product performs as indicated, given it’s been available on the market for over 50 years and there are no remarkable complaints linked with the product. Many people report that they experienced a state of increased relaxation after taking Min-Tran, which lead them to perform better in their jobs or studies and lead a happier life overall.

If you feel you need help dealing with stress, the best course of action is performing your own research and consulting a doctor that can guide you on the right path to a healthier, stress-free life.

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Michela K Allen January 24, 2014 at 1:48 pm

I have been taking mini Tran for 2 months now. I was a total mess before.. I thank god for allowing me to meet Dr. Stacy Ford… its really does work…

please email me if you have any questions,


willie September 23, 2013 at 1:56 am

does min-tran supply (help to produce)Potassium for the Body?


brreader September 25, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Hello Willlie,

Unfortunately, there is no conclusive source of information that can connect Min-Tran to Potassium absorption. You can attempt contacting the manufacturer, as they might be able to answer this question for you.

BR Editor


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