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Millennium FiberSlend Review
Millennium FiberSlend Review

PUBLISHED: 07/16/2012 by BR Moderator
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Millennium FiberSlend

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Millennium FiberSlend is a product developed by a pharmaceutical company named Goldshield, in order to promote weight loss. The company is relatively small compared to others that operate in the field of health and dietary supplements, but that promises its customers high quality products and services.

The product is aimed at people that have attempted weight loss in conventional ways, like diet and exercise, but haven’t succeeded in that endeavor. The purpose of Millennium FiberSlend is reducing appetite and providing people with a sense of fullness, so they refrain from eating more than they need and can easily acquire the figure that they desire.

Other positive effects that Millennium FiberSlend might have, according to Goldshield, are reducing cholesterol levels, preventing constipation and supplementing the amount of fiber in the daily intake of its customers.

Millennium FiberSlend Ingredients

Millennium FiberSlend contains: Proprietary blend (green tea leaf, cinnamon twig, and galangal root extracts) and high-viscosity glucomannan.

Product Features

The ingredient formulation in Millennium FiberSlend is a mixed one; the product contains a proprietary blend that is entirely herbal, while the main active ingredient is Glucomannan, a polysaccharide found in the cell walls of some plants.

Glucomannan has only recently started being studied for its potential in weight loss. So far, research has revealed that treatment with the substance is very-well tolerated, it reduces cholesterol levels, and has some effects related to weight loss. Unfortunately, the latter effect, advertised as the primary use of Glucomannan in Millennium FiberSlend, was considered statistically insignificant in most test groups. The substance is, however, considered a very efficient treatment and prevention method for constipation and decreasing cholesterol levels, and is considered a potential treatment for type II diabetes.

While the active ingredient is well-tested, there is little information available about research conducted on the product itself, leaving room for stipulations that Millennium FiberSlend might not be as efficient as advertised. The recommended consumption method is by taking one tablet half an hour before each meal, with 8 fl oz of water (or clear beverage).

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  • Provides an alternative means of losing weight;
  • Well-researched active ingredient;
  • May reduce cholesterol and levels and prevent constipation;
  • Contains no artificial stimulants, colors or preservatives.


  • No evidence of research conducted on product;
  • Weight-loss effect of active ingredient might not be as effective as advertised;
  • No possibility of a free trial;
  • No information regarding return policy;


Many people try for years reaching the figure that they desire, to no avail. Differences in metabolism, busy schedules, stress, and hormonal changes can all lead to a reduced efficiency of work-out or diet plans. For such people, the prospect of losing weight fast and easy simply by taking a tablet such as Millennium FiberSlend is very appealing; unfortunately, it’s not always the most efficient way to go, particularly if there’s little information to be found about the manufacturer, or medical evidence that the product actually works.

Further research reveals that testimonials for the product are mostly favorable, with people reporting a satisfying rate of losing weight, feeling lighter and less prone to becoming bloated, and feeling overall better about their image and how it’s changing.

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