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Methyl B-12 Review
Methyl B-12 Review

PUBLISHED: 05/23/2014 by brreader
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Methyl B-12

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Methyl B-12 is an over the counter supplement designed to support healthy nerve issue and brain cells, and healthy homocysteine levels. The company that produces and markets this formula is the American manufacturer Jarrow Formulas. The company leads an international business and offers a wide range of dietary formulas for several major categories of conditions classified by the organs and systems they affect. These products target major systems of the human body, as follows: bone and joint, immune, brain, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. The company also markets beauty products and children formulations to meet the needs of a wider range of consumers.

Methyl B-12 ingredient is a single vitamin, the active Coenzyme form of vitamin B12, also known as Methylcobalamin. The formula comes in three providing up to 83.3% of the daily recommended dose in a single dose. The formula is recommended for adults interested in supporting adequate neuro-transmission and brain function by providing appropriate amounts of this essential nutrient. The formula is advertised as suited for both vegetarians and vegans whose diets are known to provide less vitamin B-12, and who may be more liable for a deficiency in this nutrient.
Methyl B-12 is not recommended for certain classes of people indicated on the official page of the manufacturer (patients under any other medication, pregnant/nursing women, and women who are trying to conceive).

Methyl B-12 Ingredients

Methyl B-12 contains the following ingredients: Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12), Xylitol, cellulose, stearic acid (vegetable source), natural cherry flavor, citric acid, and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source).

Product Features

Vitamin B-12 is a substance essential for the maintenance of healthy levels of red blood cells, for immune system regulation, and for the support of the nervous system. One of its active forms is Methylcobalamin that has been shown to also play an essential role in the methylation reaction meaning it helps in the conversion of homocysteine (a toxic chemical) into methionine, lowering the levels of the harmful substance. This function provides two different types of benefits: first to the heart (lower levels of homocysteine result in healthy cardiovascular function), and secondly to the nervous system (lower levels of homocysteine may facilitate the synthesis of essential neurotransmitters. Several studies have managed to reveal a link between homocysteine and the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, indicating a direct relation between these two factors.

Vitamin B-12 seems to have stronger homocysteine reducing properties when combined with vitamins B9 and B6. The compound has also been shown to have mood elevating properties by participating in the synthesis of SAM-e (a nutrient with a great influence on the mood). Methylcobalamin is also used in experimental treatments for autism in combination with other compounds (such as folic acid). Results seem to be promising, but the number and the scale of these studies provides insufficient evidence in this claim so far.

Methylcobalamin is advertised as the more absorbable form of Vitamin B12. Its numerous benefits have not been proven by clinical evidence so far, but the large number of ongoing clinical trials is trying to determine the health benefits of this substance.
Methylcobalamin has also been reported to cause certain unwanted side effects including gastric discomfort, nausea and vomiting, and skin rash. More severe include lower back pain, facial swelling, and breathing difficulties. In these cases, immediate medical assistance is recommended.

The recommended dosage for Methyl B-12 is 1 lozenge (for all three dosages).

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  • Methyl B-12 is produced by an experienced and reputable manufacturer, recognized for the high-quality products offered
  • A monthly dose of the supplement comes at a very affordable price
  • Methyl-B12 reviews are numerous and mostly positive


  • The formula is not sold directly by the manufacturer (online purchasing is only possible through third party retailers)
  • The formula dos not come with a money-back guarantee
  • There is no free sample or free trial period available for the product


Methyl B-12 is a nutritional supplement based on a very popular ingredient of this type of formulations, usually included along with complementary nutrients (such as other B vitamins). The product is advertised as beneficial for the nervous system and brain cells, but may also improve sleeping patterns, support energy production, and hemoglobin synthesis, promote healthy heart and immune function.

The active ingredient in Methyl B-12 is a superior form of the natural substance known as vitamin B-12. It is one of the several forms needed by the human body in order to maintain proper function of organs such as the brain and the heart. Jarrow Formula’s supplement provides three dosages of this essential nutrient, in order to satisfy the needs of different users. Its cherry-flavored chewable form makes it easy to take and a very effective solution.

However, consumers should keep in mind that there are some unwanted side effects that may occur when consuming such supplements (particularly when large amounts are taken).

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