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Metagenics Lumina Review
Metagenics Lumina Review

PUBLISHED: 08/20/2013 by brreader
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Metagenics Lumina

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Metagenics Lumina is a dietary supplement that has been created in order to support dopamine activity in the brain and thus offer its users mood management effects.

The business that stands behind this product is called Metagenics and is a United States business that was established in 1983 in Aliso Veijo California. During their 30 years of existence they obtained an international status and now have offices in several countries, New Zealand, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, and Australia. This business undergoes extensive research in the domain of nutrigenetics, which is the study of how nutrients impact the genetic expression within our cells, this research aiming to be put in use in new and improved dietary supplements.

Metagenics Lumina is presented as being designed to sustain a healthy mental function and promote a relaxed state of being. This product is said to sustain focus, attention memory and learning by providing nutrients that have the effect of modulation the metabolism of dopamine, norepinephrine and GABA. This is a gluten-free formula that has been created using no wheat, nuts, corn or artificial flavors and preservatives. Metagenics Lumina is said to act centrally in the brain and come with positive effects that provide neurological support.

Metagenics Lumina Ingredients

Metagenics Lumina contains the following ingredients: L-Theanine, Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate, Natural Marine Lipid Concentrate, DHA, EPA, natural marine lipid concentrate (anchovy, tuna, sardine), gelatin, glycerin, water, casein tryptic hydrolysate (milk), L-theanine, beeswax, soybean oil, mixed tocopherols, lecithin (soy), and caramel powder (color).

Product Features

Metagenics Lumina is a blend that is made up of am amino acids, two fatty acids, a protein, and excipients.

EPA is one of the fatty acids that can be found in this blend and is a substance that is generally present in the meat of cold water fish such as mackerel, salmon, herring, or cod liver. This ingredient plays a role in general health and has been observed to be effective with a wide range of health issues. Studies have indicated this acid to be effective with some issues that regard the nervous system and can help with personality disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, or even depression.

DHA is the other fatty acid and can be found in the same sources of EPA, this ingredient also presents with general health benefits that sustain well being. Babies that have been born prematurely can benefit from the effects of this ingredient because it helps with a better mental development. Studies have also concluded that this ingredient can help in the prevention and treatment of depression and it can also help reduce aggressive behavior that upraises in situations that are stressful.

The manufacturer recommends that two softgel capsules are to be taken each day.

There is a warning that advises pregnant or nursing women not to use this product; a medical consult is highly advised if taking any medication.

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  • The ingredients used are backed up by serious scientific study.
  • The manufacturer has a good international reputation.


  • Pregnant or nursing women are not to use this product.
  • There are no mentions of free trials or money-back guarantees.
  • Information that presents the effects of long-term use is not available.


Metagenics Lumina is a dietary formula that sustains brain function as well as mood, which comes at a high price and can be bought from the manufacturer’s web site only with a code that can be found at a health care practitioner associated with this company. The formula is a blend of ingredients that presents with effects that back up the claims of effectiveness and have natural sources. No free trials or money-back guarantees are available, but a range of online retailers also present with this product and can present different offers; they also hold similar formulas that present with similar effect, but come in different price ranges.

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    I am absolutely gutted to hear that this product has been discontinued…my son is thriving on it and it is the best alternative to Ritalin that I have ever come across….please bring it back