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Mentalin Review
Mentalin Review

PUBLISHED: 05/31/2012 by BR Technical
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Mentalin is a brain supplement advertised to increase various functions of the neurological system. It is developed by Metagenics, a US-based company that was founded nearly 30 years ago. The company has a large array of products and owns 43 patents for unique supplement formulation, while waiting for approval for nearly 230 others.

When people experience stress, they will often find themselves not being as alert as they normally are; they might have issues remembering things, focusing on tasks or they could simply be in too bad a mood to function properly. Mentalin claims that it can fix all of these problems, reducing stress, improving people’s concentration, alertness and memory, as well as boosting their mood. This helps people improve the overall quality of their life, helping them perform better in their daily tasks.

Mentalin Ingredients

Mentalin contains: Amla Fruit, Ashwagandha Root, Bacopa Leaf, and Gotu Kola.

Product Features

Mentalin is a product developed in accordance with the Ayurvedic principals of natural healing; its formulation is entirely herbal and its principals focus on a traditional approach to modern-day problems.

The Amla Fruit, also known as Indian Goosebery is a very commonly found ingredient in Ayurvedic remedies, and it has been used for treatment of coughs, digestive issues, high blood pressure or to improve longevity and boost intellectual abilities. In conventional medicine, there are not many proven uses for this herb, although tests are being conducted to determine its potential in various diseases and conditions, with a certain amount of promise.

Ashwagandha Root is also used by Ayurveda, usually by applying it locally to tumors and growths. This plant has shown a great amount of promise in alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and is currently being tested for future use.

Bacopa, usually used for treatment of epilepsy and asthma in Ayurveda, is considered a potent antioxidant, leading to the belief that it may benefit the neurological system.

Gotu Kola is the ingredient that seems to perform closest to what the product claims it does, as it presents some nootropic properties and is being put through clinical trials in order to confirm this potential effect.

The major downfall of this supplement is the lack of evidence that it actually works. The manufacturer has made no information available regarding how the ingredients work together towards the product’s goal, leaving room for a lot of guesswork in regard to whether the product actually works or not.

The daily recommended dose for Mentalin is 1-3 tablets daily. There are few side effects associated with this product, but caution is still advised, particularly for pregnant and nursing women, or for people taking prescription medication. It is recommended you consult your doctor before beginning to take this supplement.

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  • All ingredients are herbal
  • Product safe for vegetarians and vegans
  • Contains no artificial stimulants or caffeine
  • No artificial colors or flavors


  • No evidence of trials or testing to support product claims
  • Not possible to purchase directly from manufacturer
  • Refund possibilities depend on the choice of supplier
  • No possibility of a free sample


Reducing stress and boosting cognitive capacities at the same time is something that many people desire or wish for on a daily basis; hence, it is no wonder that products like Mentalin exist and are so popular, claiming to improve the life of their customers in an entirely natural way. Unfortunately, the basis of this product is a form of medicine that was never completely proven to be efficient, with many medical specialists claiming that the only reason Ayurveda is so successful is the placebo effect that seems to affect so many people.

However, there are reports of people taking Mentalin and experiencing a better mood, enhanced mental clarity and more ease remembering facts, dates and numbers. It is impossible to ascertain whether this is due to placebo or if the product actually works, but it comes in support of the claims that Metagenics makes about its product.

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