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Mental Edge Source Naturals Review
Mental Edge Source Naturals Review

PUBLISHED: 05/26/2012 by BR Technical
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Mental Edge Source Naturals

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Mental Edge Source Naturals is designed by Source Naturals as a supplement to reduce stress and mental fatigue. The company was founded in 1982 and has been operating in the supplement industry ever since, acquiring a position as one of the leaders in the natural pharmaceutical products industry.

Today’s world is fast-paced, a fact which leads people to experience increasing amounts of stress and fatigue, both physical and mental. Due to this, many people resort to various metods of reducing stress and its consequences, such as herbal supplements. This is where Mental Edge Source Naturals comes in, a product that claims that it can soothe the mind and reduce stress levels for people of all ages.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order this product directly from the manufacturer. However, there is a wide selection of global suppliers for Mental Edge Source Naturals, all of which have their own policies regarding shipping and refunds.

Mental Edge Source Naturals Ingredients

Mental Edge Source Naturals contains: Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Pantothenic Acid, Sodium, Ginkgo Leaf Extract, Inositol, Cayenne Fruit, L-Glutamine, L-Pyroglutamic Acid, L-Tyrosine, Ginger Root, Taurine, Choline, Gotu Kola, DMAE, Eleuthero Root, Phosphatidycholine, L-Phenylalanine, and Schisandra Fruit.

Product Features

Mental Edge Source Naturals has a mixed formulation of herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In fact, it contains so many ingredients, some of the components might be redundant in the composition.

The vitamins present in this supplement are considered among the standard ones for natural products. The problem with the vitamin content is that its helpfulness is restricted mostly to people suffering from vitamin deficiency, while consumption of excessive amounts of vitamins can lead to hypervitaminosys, a condition with potentially lethal effects. While some of the vitamins, such as B12 and B1, have some effects on reducing stress levels and soothing the mind, most of the other ones have little efficiency in this sense.

The herbal extracts used in the formulation present a similar problem, with many of them not having attested medical effects in any way, and other performing in ways that are entirely different from the product claims. That is not to say that they are all ineffective, ginger root and ginkgo leaves having been recognized by the medical community worldwide as very potent natural remedies for stress.

A major problem with Mental Edge Source Naturals is the lack of evidence regarding the product’s effectiveness; there is no evidence of testing or trials having been performed on the supplement, leading to doubts whether the vast number of ingredients it contains actually perform as indicated.

The daily recommended dose for this supplement is 4 tablets daily, between meals. People that suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure, pregnant or nursing women, and people taking antidepressants are advised to avoid consumption of this supplement, or, at least, consult a doctor before.

Sale Price: $44.98

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Natural formulation of ingredients
  • Manufacturer has a good track record as one of the leading companies in the field of natural supplements
  • No artificial colors and flavors


  • No evidence of clinical tests having been performed
  • It is not possible to purchase directly from the manufacturer
  • No possibility of a free trial or sample


Stress is something that affects most people nowadays; it lowers intellectual performances, decreases cognitive capacities and affects all the systems in the human body. This explains why so many people look for ways of dealing with the stress they experience. Unfortunately, not all the products available on the market are as efficient as they claim to be, and people can often find themselves tricked into buying a product just because of the wide selection of ingredients listed on the label.

In the case of Mental Edge Source Naturals, the lack of information regarding how the ingredients work together towards reducing stress and increasing mental capacities might put many potential customers off. Reports from people that have tried it, however, mention a very pleasant experience, the supplement providing them with the means of dealing with everyday issues better and easier.

This leaves it up to the customers to decide whether this is the right product for them or not. Careful research and talking to your doctor can help you figure out if this supplement can help you, or if there are better alternatives you can resort to.

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Mental Edge Source Naturals Review
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