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Mental Clarity Review
Mental Clarity Review

PUBLISHED: 05/23/2012 by brreader
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Mental Clarity

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Mental Clarity is an herbal product developed by Morinda Bioactives, a company formerly known as Tahitian Noni. This company deals mostly with herbal supplements that target a wide series of ailments, from senility and mental slowness to low energy levels and headaches. Before changing its name, the company had operated in the field of health supplements for almost 15 years, using natural extracts to improve the lives of its customers.

Mental Clarity is designed to help people that feel like their brains are not performing at its best. It’s supposed to improve clarity, memory and concentration for its customers, while invigorating the mind and providing mental energy. This can prove helpful for people experiencing the classical symptoms of aging, aiding in postponing the onset of senility. It is also a good aid for people that have issues concentrating due to stress or hectic lifestyles.

Mental Clarity Ingredients

Mental Clarity contains the following ingredients: Noni concentrate fruit, Rhodiola extract root, Ginkgo extract, and Huperzine extract.

Product Features

The formulation of Mental Clarity from Tahitian Noni is an herbal one, meant to use plants that have been used by people to treat various ailments for centuries.

Noni extracts have been used in Polynesian traditional medicine to treat menstrual and stomach cramps, urinary tract infections and general issues of the digestive system. This doesn’t provide much use for the way the product is supposed to work, but the pulp of fruit is also very rich in micronutrients such as Vitamin C, Sodium and Calcium, all of which can work towards improving the general health of the body, but are unlikely to perform in the way indicated by the supplement, especially in the amounts found in the extracts.

Rhodiola extracts have recently started being looked into by scientist, as it contains a variety of compounds that contribute towards a potential of treating senility, dementia and neurological deterioration. Unfortunately there is little evidence to affirm with 100% confidence that the extract is as efficient as some manufacturers would have their consumers believe, results from clinical tests have so far been encouraging.

Ginkgo and Huperzine extracts are very similar, in the sense that they’re both undergoing clinical trials to assess their potential use as treatment for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. While some people report experiencing improvement in their daily lives from consuming supplements containing these extracts, medical evidence to support these statements is still considered weak.

In regards to the product itself, Mental Clarity is stated to have been scientifically researched, but the studies used to attest its effectiveness are not made available to the public, putting the product claims under questioning. Although the ingredients listed in the formulation have the potential to increase the mental capacities of consumers, it is uncertain whether the product itself has the attributes listed.

The manufacturer claims that there are no Mental Clarity side effects, but strongly encourage customers not to go above the recommended dose of 2.5ml a day (about half a teaspoon). Some people might find it more beneficial not to take it daily, choosing to administer it when they feel they need an extra boost.

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  • No artificial ingredients;
  • Manufacturer claims that the product is researched;
  • Affordable product: a bottle costs $30+ shipping costs and can last up to 3 months;
  • Entirely herbal formulation;
  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer is possible;
  • Refund possible within 30 days of delivery.


  • Evidence regarding clinical trials isn’t available;
  • Some ingredients might not work toward the product claims;
  • No possibility of a free trial;
  • Shipping is moderately expensive (about $8-9).


A lot of people experience difficulty focusing or remembering things, because of various reasons, such as age, stress, and informational overload. For these people, the thought of a natural product that can improve their capacity to concentrate is a welcome improvement to their lives. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market with claims identical to Mental Clarity and even similar ingredients, making it easy for customers to overlook this particular product.

Luckily, Mental Clarity is an affordable product, which might increase its attractiveness for potential customers. It also has the potential to accomplish what it claims to do, due to the selection of ingredients that seem to work towards improving focus, memory and concentration. Ultimately, it is up to the customer to decide if this supplement is worth trying, after conducting their own research and consulting with their doctor.

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