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Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity Review
Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity Review

PUBLISHED: 05/25/2012 by BR Moderator
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Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity

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Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity is one of many products available on the market that are meant to improve the overall functions of the brain, improving the clarity and focus of one’s thoughts. It is produced by Banyan Botanicals, an company founded in 1996 that provides organic supplements. They claim that all of their products are Ayurvedic and natural and that they want to provide top quality supplements to their consumers, in order to increase the quality of their lives.

Many people find increasing difficulty concentrating and preserving their mental youth as they age and encounter more and more stressful situations. While the usual course of action is taking medical supplements in order to improve their mental condition, some people prefer trying alternative methods of treatment, such as ayurvedic remedies. Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity is one such product, combining the traditional methods of Ayurveda with modern-day medicine to provide people with a natural way of retaining their mental youth.

Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity Ingredients

Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity contains: Rasa, Doshas, Vipaka, Virya, Brahmi leaf, Bacopa herb, Bhringaraj leaf, Passionflower herb, Shankhapushpi herb, Ashwagandha root, Vidari Kanda root, Skullcap herb, Pippali fruit, Nutmeg seed, Cardamom seed.

Product Features

Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity is an ayurvedic product, having an entirely herbal formulation. The main problem that can potentially arise from this product is the fact that it relies on a traditional form of medicine, which was never fully approved by doctors. While some people experience incredible results by practicing Ayurveda, it has never been confirmed that these effects are not result of placebo.

The first four ingredients listed, Rasa, Doshas, Vipaka, and Virya, are all herbs commonly used by practitioners of Ayurveda, which claim that they can balance the mind and revitalize it, improving the way it functions. These claims have never been medically proven, making it hard to objectively state whether they contribute to the potency of this supplement.

Out of the other herbal ingredients contained in Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity, some of them have been medically proven to perform as the supplement is advertised to. Brahmi, Bacopa, and Ashwagandha root have all been medically proven to have an effect on the brain, either by preventing deterioration or by stimulating neural activity. Research on these herbs has been extensive and the results conclusive enough for them to be considered safe and effective.

The other herbs present in the formulation have no proven use in a medical sense, despite having been used in traditional medicine throughout the world. Some of them, such as Nutmeg and Skullcap are being researched, in order to discern whether they have potential for treatment of any ailments, while some have only been used by Ayurveda and haven’t been given much attention by any other form of medicine.

It is hard to assess whether Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity actually works as intended or not, seeing as it is focused on being an Ayurvedic remedy. There is also no proof of the supplement having been clinically tested, putting the product claims under question.

The recommended dose for this product is 1 tablet daily, and it is advertised as a supplement that’s safe for all ages.

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  • Entirely herbal formulation
  • Contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Ingredients are organic
  • Contains no caffeine or stimulants
  • Product is considered safe for all age groups


  • No evidence of clinical tests having been conducted
  • Ayurveda was never fully attested medically
  • No testimonials available directly from the manufacturer
  • No possibility of a free trial


Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly interested in organic products, be it clothing food or supplements. From this point of view, Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity has an advantage over many other supplements, seeing as Banyan Botanicals makes it a point to have fully natural, organic ingredients in all of its products.

Unfortunately, that might not prove enough for people interested in evidence, due to the fact that there is little medical evidence to support the product claims. That is not to say the product doesn’t work; some people reported experiencing a sharp increase in focus, attention and memory after taking Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity tablets, indicating that the supplement might indeed work as advertised.

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Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity ReviewBR Moderator2.252016-05-12 12:09:31
Banyan Botanicals Mental Clarity Review
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