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Memory Enhancer Capsules Review
Memory Enhancer Capsules Review

PUBLISHED: 06/13/2012 by BR Technical
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Memory Enhancer Capsules

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Memory Enhancer Capsules is a herbal product that is meant to enhance the memory and attention capabilities of their consumers. The company behind this supplement is Tindahan Ko, but unfortunately there is little information available about this company. They seem to not have a presentation website, choosing to promote their products via social media websites, which can severely damage their credibility for customers that want to research the manufacturer of the product.

The claim that Tindahan Ko makes about Memory Enhancer Capsules is that they can greatly enhance a person’s capacity to memorize things, as well as sharpen their focus and boost their attention. This makes the product very attractive for students and people that have to perform intellectual efforts.

Due to the lack of information regarding the company, we do not know whether there is any refund policy associated with this product. We therefore advise people to strongly consider the pros and cons of purchasing this supplement, as there is a chance they will be unable to recover their money if they are dissatisfied with its performances.

Memory Enhancer Capsules Ingredients

Memory Enhancer Capsules contains: Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Glycerin, Yellow Beeswax, Soy Lecithin, Vinpocetine, Caramel Color, Titanium Dioxide Color.

Product Features

Memory Enhancer Capsules is a herbal formulation, it’s main ingredient being Ginkgo Biloba, a plant known for its antioxidative properties. Studies conducted so far confirm that Ginkgo Biloba extracts have protective properties for the human brain, preserving its youth and potential. There is also some speculation that the herb can also boost cognition, making it a very popular ingredient in products such as this one, but there is no conclusive research performed to confirm this theory.

Another relevant ingredient in the formulation is the Soybean oil, which is a fairly new component in memory products. Recent studies confirm that supplements containing soybean extracts have a positive effect on cognition, particularly verbal memory, making it a very potent component in Memory Enhancer Capsules’ formulation.

Vinpocetine is also a component of this supplement. The substance is a semi-synthetic derivative from Periwinkle extract, and generally considered a potent nootropic, boosting cognition, memory and learning capacities. It is also frequently used to treat senility and early stages of dementia and cerebrovascular disorders.

Due to the content of soybean extracts, this product is unsafe for people suffering from allergy to nuts or similar substances. Otherwise, there are little negative interaction reports from this product, and it is considered safe for children. The recommended dose is unknown, the manufacturer failing to provide this information, along with information regarding testing or medical research that can confirm the product claims. It is, therefore, recommended that you talk to your doctor before attempting treatment with this product.

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  • Ingredient formulation supports product claims
  • Product safe for children
  • It is possible to order the product online
  • Affordable product, $7 for a 60 capsule bottle


  • No information regarding testing done on product
  • Contains colorants
  • Little information regarding manufacturer
  • No information regarding refund policies
  • Product unsuitable for vegetarians and people suffering from certain allergies


A boost in memory and general cognition is a very welcome idea for most people, seeing as stress and aging can take a toll on one’s brain. That’s why products such as Memory Enhancer Capsules are so popular among most consumers, and also explains the reason behind the existence of so many similar products. Unfortunately, the formulation found in this supplement is not unique; many other manufacturers produce the same or very similar products while providing more information.

Due to the formulation of ingredients, there is a high chance that Memory Enhancer Capsules work as advertised. If you are considering purchasing the product, we advise you consult your doctor and to try making contact with Tindahan Ko through one of their social media websites in order to acquire more information regarding this supplement.

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