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MegaGinkgo Review
MegaGinkgo Review

PUBLISHED: 08/29/2012 by brreader
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MegaGinkgo is advertised to improve short term Memory and concentration, aid in maintaining brain energy throughout the day and sharpen mental focus. The product is a combination of Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri extract, two extremely popular herbal extracts used in dietary supplements today.

The product is designed for adults who experience cognitive decline due to overwork, stress, anxiety or some other form of psychological medical condition.

The formula is manufactured by Omana Group, a company established in California, U.S. The company claims it is a leading company in the nutraceutical supply field. Its main activity consists in supplying quality nutritional and botanical raw materials (herbs, minerals, vitamins, enzymes) to the nutritional, food, pharmaceutical and natural health industries. Also, the company manufactures and markets its own line of dietary supplements and herbal medicines in a privately owned label. MegaGinkgo is sold under the Healthy Choice Natural product line.

MegaGinkgo Ingredients

MegaGinkgo memory includes the following ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Bacopa Extract.

Product Features

MegaGinkgo is a blend of two standardized plant extracts, particularly the Ginkgo Biloba and the Bacopa Monnieri extract The Ginkgo Biloba extract is standardized to 24% Ginkgo Flavone glycosides and 6% Terpenes, a level of standardization widely tested and proved both effective and generally safe.

Hundreds of clinical and laboratory tests conducted to explore the benefits of the so called 24/6% standardized Ginkgo extract identified several major benefit areas such as improving blood circulation (including circulation to the brain), increased mental focus and alertness, improved memory, anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties as well as some positive contribution to conditions such as depression, vertigo or premenstrual syndrome.

Bacopa Monniera is another popular herbal ingredient effective as a cognitive enhancer. It has been effectively used to treat anxiety or attention deficit disorders (such as ADHD) as well as in the management of age related neuro-degenerative conditions.

The product is covered by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. The recommended dose is one capsule taken one or two times a day with food.

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  • 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Natural researched ingredients;
  • Extensive information on main ingredients, mechanism of action and commercial purchase conditions offered by the manufacturer.


  • Several side effects associated with the two main ingredients;
  • Small number of mixed consumer testimonials.


MegaGinkgo is one of the numerous products based on Ginkgo Biloba standardized leaf extract. This particular formula also contains another potent herbal ingredient, the Bacopa Monieri or Brahmi, Together, the blend is advertised to help focus, memory and support daily brain energy. Although there are only a few mixed consumer reviews regarding the product, the main ingredients have been extensively researched and proven effective in what the manufacturer claims as main benefit areas for the formula.

The product also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and the manufacturer offers extensive information on how the product works, making it a rather convincing product. Still, for precautionary reasons, we recommend a physician’s opinion prior to use.

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