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Mega Brain Power Review
Mega Brain Power Review

PUBLISHED: 05/02/2012 by brreader
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Mega Brain Power

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Mega Brain Power, as the name suggests, is a product designed to teach people how to use their brain in better ways. It is a book written in 1994 by Michael Hutchison, a writer with several books on how the brain works and how to modify thinking in order to improve life. He claims that most of his teachings come from experience, after he witnessed several cases of genocide in Guatemala in the 1970s.

Mega Brain Power doesn’t only provide information on how to alter thinking, but also strongly advocates for technological means of expanding the capacities of the human brain, through means such as machines and supplements. It also states a series of theories and experiments that are claimed to help individuals restructure their way of thinking in a helpful way.

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Product Features

Mega Brain Power is a book that attempts to provide people with a wide selection of ways to increase their cerebral performances, either in a self-help sort of way or through technological advances.

It begins with mentioning a selection of theories and ideas regarding the brain’s functioning, detailing some events that occur in the brain that most people might not be aware of, such as the “fight or flight” mechanism. The author claims that the brain acts as a muscle mostly, and people must continuously challenge it with new forms of thinking in order to prevent the mind to settle in on a preset role.

Mega Brain Power also claims to provide aid to people battling addiction, helping them change their thought patterns and turning the exact mechanisms that keep a person returning to an addiction against itself, freeing individuals from undesired bad behaviors.

Michael Hutchison strongly advocates for the usage of technological means in order to increase mental capacities. He writes enthusiastically about “brain machines” that can boost IQs, enhance creativity, increase memory and sexual pleasure, alleviate pain and overcome depression and anxiety. These claims are not backed up by any studies, though, and some critics believe that even the theories that he states would lead to the effectiveness of these machines are either flawed or entirely made up.

The book is considerably outdated, being written nearly two decades ago; many discoveries regarding the brain and the way it functions have been made since, and plenty supplements designed to help people in maintaining their mental health, but unfortunately we don’t seem to be any closer to the brain machines the author mentions than we were twenty years ago.

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  • Book is affordable, with prices ranging between $8 and $14
  • Available for purchase online on a variety of websites
  • There are testimonials from readers claiming that the book was life-changing for them


  • Mega Brain Power is strongly criticized for making some very unrealistic claims regarding technology’s effects on the human brain
  • Efficiency might be due to a placebo effect rather than actually restructuring thinking
  • Little information about where the author acquired his information on the topic


Mega Brain Power provides a lot of information that is still considered accurate about certain ways in which the brain works, which might prove helpful for some people. As for the rest of the things stated in the books, most of them should be taken as self-help tips, which may or may not be efficient, depending on each individual.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of improving your mind and tapping into more of its potential, and most people that claim to have attained means of doing so are most likely frauds. However, if you wish to keep an open mind and read about ways in which your brain works, perhaps even catch a few tips and trick on the way, then this Mega Brain Power might be a good option for you.

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