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Medicines from Nature Goji Juice Review
Medicines from Nature Goji Juice Review

PUBLISHED: 01/22/2013 by brreader
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Medicines from Nature Goji Juice

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Medicines from Nature Goji Juice is a supplement marketed as a juice obtained from the fruits of Lycium barbarum, commonly known as Goji berries. The manufacturer Medicines from Nature claims the juice has a 90% concentration of fruit, obtained through a multi-stage quality control process. The berries used are premium quality and are previously screened for residual pesticides and chemical contaminants. In addition, the formula manufactured by Medicines from Nature is claimed to be obtained using a low temperature processing technique which ensures the presence and integrity of the fruit’s essential nutrients.

Although there are no core benefits marketed for this specific product, the Goji juice has been credited for benefits including alleviation of inflammation, aches, and skin irritation, promoting a sedative effect, treating vision problems, coughing, and anemia.

The manufacturing company is a natural healthcare formulas manufacturer with a market experience of over 20 years. The company produces and promotes numerous formulas which combine modern and traditional techniques with high quality ingredients. The company takes pride in utilizing quality control measures on all processing levels, and on applying cutting edge technology to traditional medicine in order to obtain superior quality products.

According to the manufacturer, Medicines from Nature Goji Juice can be used by both adults and children.

Medicines from Nature Goji Juice Ingredients

Medicines from Nature Goji Juice contains the following ingredients: Goji juice, Purified water, natural Blackcurrant flavor, natural Strawberry flavor, Inulin (Fibre), Malic Acid, and Potassium sorbate.

Product Features

Medicines from Nature Goji Juice contains a 90% concentration Goji juice, combined with a completely natural flavoring system (pear, strawberry and blackcurrant juice blend). The manufacturer also adds the natural fiber Inulin to the formula.

Goji juice and by-products have been extensively marketed as health tonics, with multiple benefits in preventing serious diseases, including cancer. Goji berries have been used for thousands of years by Asian medicine practitioners and many believe their use is directly connected to the increased lifespan in many Asian regions. There is extensive research available on Goji and ongoing studies verify and confirm many of its benefits. Among the most important properties of Goji we mention its anti-cancerous, immune enhancing, antioxidant, sedative, and obesity reducing functions. Also, the fruits are known to help maintain blood pressure, improve vision, support normal kidney and liver function and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

There are certain studies which suggest that seem to suggest Goji berry extracts help boost brain function and may even protect from age-related cognitive decline, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.

When eaten moderately, the fruits seem to be safe for most people. Goji berries may interact with blood thinning medication, diabetes and blood pressure drugs. Special precautions are issued for people with allergies. The recommended daily dose of Medicines from Nature Goji Juice is 30 ml.

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  • 100% natural formulation which contains a high concentration of Goji Juice
  • The benefits of Goji are supported by published scientific evidence
  • Goji is generally safe when used in the recommended amounts
  • The formula can be used by both children and adults


  • Lack of consumer experiences published online
  • Relatively high price (approximately $36 for a month’s supply)


Goji berries have been historically used by Asian countries for a large variety of uses, which targeted the immune system, the cardiovascular system, brain functions, infections and others. Modern medicine helped extend Goji fruits’ applicability area by scientifically proving many of its traditional benefits and discovering whole new uses. Medicines from Nature Goji Juice is a potent formulation with a concentration of 90% Goji juice. The formula has not received any ratings from consumers, in terms of effectiveness, potential drug interactions or side effects. Nonetheless, the formula is very likely to help people and achieve its advertised benefits. we recommend that you talh to a healthcare provider before using it.

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