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MCT Oil Review
MCT Oil Review

PUBLISHED: 04/24/2017 by BR Publishing
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MCT Oil is a naturally occurring oil. It is an excellent source of fats needed for energy in both the mind and body needs. MCT Oil is sourced from Organic Coconuts found in the Philippines. It contains an essential fat that’s beneficial in a couple of ways. One of its many benefits is increasing the production of ketone for instant energy. It also gives the brain the needed fuel concurrently encouraging the body to burn fats. Amazingly, it also stimulates the growth of T-cells to boost immunity. Natural Force, the maker of this supplement, is boasting that this is the best MCT Oil in the market! This is because it retains Lauric Acid after extraction.


MCT Oil contains the following ingredients: MCT Oil contains the following ingredients: Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, and Lauric Acid.

Product Features

Lauric Acid: is a saturate fat found in vegetables which are used for medicinal values. Used for treating viral infections such as flu, common cold, fever, cold sores, and blisters. Its other role is its use in the prevention of transmission of HIV from mother to child. Lauric is highly medicinal and is widely used in the treatment of common STDs.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT): mostly manufactured fats that are extracted from coconut and palm oils. MCT is used by people with food absorption disorders, diarrhea, and fat indigestion. Can also be used by athletes for nutritional purposes when training.
MCT Oil is odorless and contains no flavors or additives. You can use the oil in any form and can be consumed with any food. It does not affect the taste or texture of food.

The presence of MCT Oil in the body signals the production ketone which the body needs for energy, the brain utilizes this oil as fuel for normal functioning. Your T-cells will be more active because of MCT Oil; this improves your immunity strength. Its extraction and production is from the highest quality MCT Coconut oil found in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. The coconut found in these two areas are 100% coconut oil. Despite the extensive extraction process Natural Force uses a specific method to maintain the Oils’ Lauric Acid. MCT Oil can be administered to people who suffer from deadly gastronomical infections.

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  • Used to cure STDs
  • Used by athletes for nutritional support
  • Can be used to prevent muscle breakdown in critically ill patients
  • Utilized by the body as a source of energy
  • Lauric Acid is soap and a vegetable fat ingredient


  • Very hard to find
  • Need special care when extracting to retain Lauric Acid


The kind of diet we have embraced is limiting the production of good fats. The good fats are needed by the body for energy and other vital operations. If you are the kind of a person whose body does not tolerate other types of fat, you will need a dose of MCT Oil.

Some research has been linked to the use of MCT Oil as a possible remedy for Alzheimer’s disease. MCT Oil is a very important supplement that your body needs for the production of energy and boosting the immune system. Its closest competitor Coconut Oil has a distinctive smell that makes MCT Oil desirable and pleasant to use. It is the best Oil in the market because of the Lauric Acid, the key ingredient missing in other oils.

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