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Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost Review
Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost Review

PUBLISHED: 10/13/2013 by BR Technical
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Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost

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Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost is presented as a dietary supplement that has nootropic abilities and aims to support brain health by enhancing focus, learning, energy, and confidence.

Mastermind Supplements is the name of the United States company that stands behind this product and is a business that was founded in Santee, California in 2010. This company also operates an online retail store that sells a private line of nutritional supplements that include nootropics. Their website was mostly down for reconstruction at the time of this review, thus insufficient official information was accessed for the purpose of this review.

Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost is said to have been formulated using ingredients that are in perfect balance as to support the cognitive function of the brain. The effects that this formula provides include enhancement of cell metabolism, an increase of mental strength, and an intensification of vitality and memory. The formula can also be effective in promoting proper levels of oxygen for neural function.

There are just three active ingredients present in Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost. The formula contains Piracetam, a substance which neither fits the FDA profile for what is a prescription drug, nor does it fall in the dietary supplements category. Safety concerns should be dully analyzed, particularly in the case of people under the age of 18. and pregnant and nursing women.

Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost Ingredients

Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost contains the following ingredients: Piracetam, Choline Bitartrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, rice flour, and water.

Product Features

Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost is a blend of three active ingredients that take the form of a capsule designed to support brain health.

Choline Bitartrate can be found in this formula where it plays an active role. This is a substance that is similar to the B vitamins and can be naturally produced in the liver, while also being found in foods like spinach, peas, beans, fish, nuts, and wheat germs. This ingredient has been studied and concluded to be effective in sustaining the health of the nervous system, helping with conditions like depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. This substance can also be effective in dealing with schizophrenia and certain types of seizures, although research is still incipient.

Piracetam is one other active ingredient. The substance is a chemical derived from GABA, and falls into the class of nootropic substance that possess brain enhancing properties. This ingredient has been the subject of several scientific studies over the years and has been concluded to have several positive effects regarding brain health. This chemical is said to be helpful with conditions like anxiety, insomnia, cognitive decline, aphasia and can also support cognitive tasks among dyslexic children as well. There have been several side effect associated with the use of this ingredient, some of them are insomnia, nervousness, irritability, or agitation. Controversy revolves around classification and use of Piracetam, particularly since the FDA oficially interdicted its sale as a dietary supplement in 2010. Piracetam products are currently considered unauthorized drugs and sellers may be punishable under current regulations.

Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost comes in a container that holds 60 capsules. The suggested use is one or two capsules recommended to be taken one to three times per day.

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  • The active ingredients are quite well researched and concluded to safe and effective.
  • The shipping costs are relatively low.
  • The manufacturer offers a buy one get one free option and several discounts.


  • One container does not provide a full month’s supply.
  • A month’s worth of formula is expensive.
  • The formula contains Piracetam, a controversial substance


Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost is presented as a nootropic formula that aims to sustain mental health on several levels and to particularly help with focus, learning, and confidence. The manufacturing company is called Mastermind Supplements, a company which markets a private line of supplements that include nootropics. This formula is made using just three active ingredients, which have been the subject of several studies that currently support their effects. The price of this product is quite high and two containers are needed for a month’s supply, there are also no free trials or money back guarantees at this time.

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Mastermind Supplements Mind Boost Review
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