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MAO Inhibitors Review
MAO Inhibitors Review

PUBLISHED: 04/29/2012 by BR Publishing
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MAO Inhibitors

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MAO Inhibitors, short for Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, is not a drug on its own, but a class of prescription medication. It is used in the treatment of mania, anxiety and depression, usually if conventional forms of treatment aren’t successful.

There are several forms of MAO Inhibitors, as well as a multitude of producers manufacturing these products. It is recommended looking into the different producers, as some are more reputable than others. While the price difference between brand versions of MAO Inhibitors and generic versions might attract customers towards the latter, keep in mind that it is hard to put a price on health and quality.

It is up to your doctor to decide if treatment with MAO Inhibitors is adequate for you or not. If you suffer from mania, depression or anxiety, there are usually other forms of medication that are used as treatment, with this class of medication serving as a “last resort.”

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MAO Inhibitors were conventionally used in the treatment of people resistant to tricyclic antidepressant therapy. The reason for which this class of medication was used as a last line of treatment is the potentially lethal effects of consuming them. Nowadays, there are safer versions of these inhibitors, but they have the drawback of being significantly less effective than their predecessors.

The mechanism of action for these inhibitors is by preventing the breakdown of monoamine neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine and dopamine. This essentially means that neurotransmission is slowed down, leading to a calming and sedative effect.

There are many negative side effects associated with the consumption of MAO Inhibitors. Consumption of several types of food is prohibited while taking the medication, due to the possibility of serious conditions such as hypertension, psychosis, nausea, and hyperserotonemia, Some of the foods containing substances that aren’t to be consumed in association with MAO inhibitors are liver, fermented substances and broad beans. It is also unadvised to take any other supplements or forms of medication with this form of treatment, due to the likelihood of side effects occurring.

Consumption of these inhibitors also often leads to addiction, meaning that when the treatment is done withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur. There is also a risk for the condition that required treatment to reappear if the treatment is discontinues.

If your doctor prescribed a drug that belongs to the Monoamine oxidase inhibitor class, it is strongly recommended that you respect the instructions they provided you with, to reduce the chances of side effects occurring.

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  • efficient in the treatment of mania, anxiety and depression
  • costs for treatment should be supported by most forms of health insurance.


  • large list of negative interactions with foods, supplements or other medication
  • causes addiction
  • interrupting the treatment can cause the condition to re-occur


MAO Inhibitors have been used as a last-resort type of treatment for years, and apparently with good reason. There are many negative interactions, and the dietary options of people consuming it are severely reduced. In fact, unless the condition that requires treatment seriously impairs a person from leading a normal life, it might be preferred to refrain from treating it, rather than submitting oneself to the possible consequences of treatment with this class of medication.

If your doctor prescribed you a drug belonging to this class, make sure that he is aware of any other forms of medication or supplements that you might be taking. Also request a full list of products that are banned for consumption in association with MAO Inhibitors, to ensure as safe an experience as possible.

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