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Magnesium Review
Magnesium Review

PUBLISHED: 04/26/2012 by BR Technical
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Magnesium is a substance essential in the overall health of the human body. However, unlike most other similar substances, the body cannot produce it on its own, making it very important to make sure we get enough of it through our diet or supplements. Because of the importance of Magnesium, a large number of brands have put their name behind the product, commercializing it either as a supplement on its own, or combined with Calcium or other vitamins and minerals important for the proper functioning of the body and mind. It is therefore very important for potential consumers to research which companies are selling it, what their reputation is, if there’s a possibility of a free trial and what their return policy is. Magnesium can be found in supplements as a tablet, capsule or even in liquid form and it is very commonly found in multivitamin complexes.

Magnesium Ingredients

Magnesium contains: magnesium derived from magnesium oxide, sunflower oil, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, water, titanium dioxide.

Product Features

Magnesium is a mineral that does not occur on its own on Earth, due to the high oxidation rate it has. There are numerous compounds in which the substance is found and they are used in different ways. The most commonly used forms of Magnesium for health purposes are Magnesium Sulfate known for its laxative purposes, Magnesium chloride, oxide, gluconate, malate, orotate, glycinate and citrate which are used in oral supplements and are said to have properties against Restless Leg Syndrome and Magnesium bromide that has mild sedative properties. There is also some speculation that the substance has beneficial effects in cases of treatment-resistant depression, but this is still undergoing testing. We normally get our necessary dose of Magnesium through our food and Magnesium deficiency is considered pretty rare. It has been found that people suffering from Magnesium deficiency are prone to developing asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis. It is possible to experience a Magnesium overdose if taken in large amounts; this leads to possible renal failure and, in rare cases, to dysfunctions of the respiratory system. It is therefore recommended to carefully read the instructions before taking Magnesium supplements, and if you have any questions consult your doctor.

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  • low health risks if taken in appropriate doses
  • substance essential to the well-functioning of the body
  • inexpensive supplement, with prices starting from $5 to $6 per bottle


  • people normally get the required amount of Magnesium through their food
  • excessive doses can lead to health problems
  • some forms of Magnesium supplements aren’t very bioavailable


There is little reason to believe that Magnesium supplements could harm anyone, if taken in moderate doses. It is found in most of the multivitamin and multimineral products found on the market, and few people ever reported negative side effects occurring with normal consumption of the supplement. However, it is uncertain how many people actually benefit from the consumption of Magnesium, as a normal diet usually covers the daily recommended dose for Magnesium intake. If you believe you could benefit from this supplement, we recommend you research the producers as well as the product and consult a doctor before making a decision.

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