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Mag Sea Ionics Review
Mag Sea Ionics Review

PUBLISHED: 09/24/2012 by BR Publishing
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Mag Sea Ionics

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Mag Sea Ionics is a dietary supplement based on Magnesium promoted as a tonic liquid formulation. The manufacturer is a U.S. based company called Regenerative Nutrition. Set up in 1994, the company claims it has been a pioneer in natural health, developing powerful natural supplements on a permanent basis. The company markets more than 100 products designed to assist consumers in a wide range of health care needs: from anorexia, to insomnia to tinnitus.

The formula includes ocean sourced Magnesium Chloride, particularly the formula consists of filtered Inland sea water from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Mag Sea Ionics is recommended for those with delicate constitutions, for those with only a slight magnesium deficiency and for those wishing to resolve Magnesium deficiency slowly. Children older than 3 years old and adults are allowed to use the formula.

Mag Sea Ionics Ingredients

Mag Sea Ionics includes the following ingredient: Magnesium Chloride (30% in water) 34%, water, and Trace Elements.

Product Features

Mag Sea Ionics contains Magnesium, naturally concentrated by sunlight. According to the manufacturer, 66% of the formula includes trace amounts of all the minerals found in sea water, approximately 90, while the rest of 34% consists of magnesium.

The manufacturer claims the Magnesium Chloride contained by Mag Sea Ionics is naturally occurring as a result of geological processes which act to concentrate the Magnesium content and associated trace elements from an ancient ocean source. It is obtained from a deep mine and filtered and cleaned for nutritional use.

Magnesium is an essential element of hundreds of human bodily functions, including immune system performance, the regulation of blood sugar or blood pressure. Magnesium based supplements often include Magnesium chloride, magnesium Sulfate or Magnesium Oxide, however Chloride supplements provide optimal mineral absorption.
Magnesium influences the release of insulin, which maintains functional levels of blood sugar. Therefore it is used by diabetics. Also, research has shown it can lower blood pressure, therefore hypertensive patients may find taking magnesium Chlorine useful. Other functions of Magnesium include cellular energy production for muscle and nerve performance, facilitation the absorption of nutrients during digestion and affect the ability to access and use calcium.
Magnesium deficiency symptoms include insomnia, headaches, back aches, extreme fatigue, constipation or anxiety.

The manufacturer recommends that a 5ml daily dosage is taken by adults and children above 6 years old, whereas children aged between 3 and 6 years old should take 3ml daily. Caution is necessary in case of people suffering from renal deficiency and kidney disorders. Also, people avoiding salt should not use this product.

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  • The formula is suited for both children and adults
  • There is a 90 day unconditional guarantee available
  • The formula is 100% vegetarian
  • Magnesium Chloride is extracted from sea water
  • Liquid formulation


  • Extremely bitter taste which makes it uncomfortable to administrate
  • Precautions are mentioned by the manufacturer
  • No consumer reviews


Mag Sea Ionics is a Magnesium Chloride dietary supplement. Magnesium is the third most important element for sustaining life processes, as well as treating or preventing disease and aging. The formula offers 30% concentration of Magnesium (in water). The formula has not been reviewed by consumers; however, the benefits of Magnesium are well known and recognized by scientists and doctors everywhere.

The formula is suited for both children and adults, but comes with certain precautions and warnings; hence you should be cautious and ask for a physician’s advice prior to starting treatment. As much as possible, it should be a healthcare provider that recommends this kind of supplements.

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