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Maca Gold Review
Maca Gold Review

PUBLISHED: 02/01/2013 by breditor
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Maca Gold

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Available in the form of 550 mg tablets, Maca Gold is a dietary supplement which features a premium organic extract of the Maca Root. According to the manufacturing company, Vegetable Life Products, the formula’s core ingredient is organically grown and harvested at 14, 300 feet altitude in Peru (Andes Mountains). Additionally, the formula is claimed to contain no additives, soy or blended species of plants, and is free of chemicals and pesticides. The product has received a 100% certification from SKAL, a control authority for organic food products based in the Netherlands.

The company which manufactures the supplements is located in Australia and was founded in 1999. The company exclusively sells various supplements based on extracts from Maca root. The company emphasizes its extensive experience as a specialized Maca Root products designer, as well as its attention to details and quality offered to their products. The company commits itself to supplying 100% pure, organic, no fillers or flow agents Maca Root products and to use primary ingredients harvested at altitudes higher than 12,500ft.

Maca Gold is an ideal dietary supplement for adults who seek to enhance their energy levels, to boost their sexual performance and mental performance, and to promote a general sense of emotional well-being among other benefits which we will discuss in the following sections.

Maca Gold Ingredients

Maca Gold includes the following ingredient: Organic Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon root.

Product Features

Maca Gold is available in capsules obtained from a powder extract of the Maca root. The plant is sometimes referred to as “the superfood of the Incas” and is native to Peru, where it was used since 5,000 years ago. The plant is sometimes called “Peruvian Ginseng” due to similarities in effects. Much publicity has been made on the benefits of Maca Root, with sales increasing 10 folds in 2001.

One of the most important traditional uses still popular today is treating sexual dysfunctions. Maca appears to help increase fertility, improve sexual activity and libido, and enhance sexual performance. These presumptions are based on the fact that the root contains certain constituents which may regulate sex hormones, although no clear evidence exists.

Other benefits commonly associated with Maca Root consumption include alleviating PMS associated symptoms, erectile dysfunction, mood swings, stomach ulcers, prostate problems, osteoporosis, depression, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and others. Maca is often characterized as an adaptogenic meaning it is able to regulate and promote a normal response to stress, irrespective of what caused it. The root’s antioxidant effects give it free radicals scavenging effects hence it protects body cells from oxidative stress.

Maca is well tolerated by most people, with no known side effects. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 to 5 capsules a day.

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  • Maca Gold contains organically grown Maca
  • The formula is free from artificial compounds, pesticides or chemicals of any kind
  • The formula is also available in the form of powder
  • The product received several consumer testimonials, however they are posted on the manufacturer’s website and should be treated with caution


  • The formula did not receive a consumer testimonials other than those posted on the manufacturer’s website
  • There is limited research on the Maca Root, regarding its effectiveness and benefits
  • Rather expensive product ($30 for 120 capsules bottle, which may last a minimum of 24 days at 5 capsules a day dose)


The Maca Root is one of the secret herbal remedies of the Incas and currently enjoys a large popularity on the dietary supplements market. While its therapeutic effects may be well rooted in the folk medicinal practices, the scientific evidence is scarce at this point. Maca Gold uses organically grown Maca from the Andes Mountains Peru, the plant’s origin country. The formula has received several positive reviews from consumers, mostly posted on the website of the manufacturer. These should not be exclusively used to validate the formula’s effectiveness, because their content is controlled by the manufacturer and may represent a marketing tactic.

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Maca Gold Reviewbreditor22016-04-26 12:09:31
Maca Gold Review
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