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Lumosity Review
Lumosity Review

PUBLISHED: 05/10/2011 by BR Moderator
Editor's Review: 4.6/5.0
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Lumosity (Editor's Pick)

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Lumosity is one of the most popular online platforms for “mental fitness and brain training.” Launched in 2005 by Lumos Labs (a cognitive neuroscience research and development company founded by Michael Scanlon, Kunal Sarkar, and David Dresher), Lumosity has grown by 150% year-after-year and according to their own reports, it now reaches around 40 million people worldwide.

Lumos Labs claim that their software was developed upon consulting with top scientists from various fields of science, including bioinformatics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. The latest cognitive research has proven that the brain is “malleable” and it can be “trained” – to certain extent – using the so-called “brain training games” or “brain training programs.” According to these studies, new neurons can be created (even late in life), the final result being the improvement of the overall cognitive abilities in patients.

Following the very same concept, the Lumosity Brain Fitness Program is designed to target and improve visual memory, attention span, problem solving ability, cognitive flexibility, verbal fluency, and spatial working memory.

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The emerging science has dramatically changed the way we understand the brain. Scientists now comprehend that, with the right kind of stimulation and activity, the human brain can significantly change and remodel itself to become more efficient and effective in remembering, processing information, thinking creatively, paying attention, and solving math problems. This is the science Lumosity Brain Training Program is based on.

To simplify things: Lumosity consists in a number of “online mini-games,” each designed to “work” the brain in a certain way. While the overall design seems quite simplistic, results appear to indicate that after playing these games, on daily basis, people can improve a wide variety of core cognitive skills – from attention and memory to fluid intelligence and math skills.

For the past month our team from BrainReference has signed up and played through a number of different online mini-games, part of Lumosity Brain Fitness Program. Each mini game is different and it is accompanied by series of different tasks that the player has to complete. From shutting down birds, to matching geometrical figures, Lumosity seems to be a very complex system that requires your daily attention.

To start with, all mini-games are simple enough and do not pose any real challenge for an adult user. However, as your skills are improving, the difficulty level is exponentially increased and games like Birdwatching or Monster Memory can pose a real challenge even to the most experienced player.

However, while it is very easy to see your progress and improvements in these memory games, after you get familiarized with these challenges, your scores should improve as you can easily take advantages of quirks of the game such as the same shape or pattern showing up 3 or 4 times in a row in some of the speed games.

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  • Intuitive interface – it is easy to navigate through their system;
  • Instructions, graphics, and buttons are setup in larger font making them easy noticeable;
  • A short free trial period is available;
  • Leaderboards which allows you to compare your scores with other registered users scores;
  • All games are constantly updated. New games are added from time to time.


  • The free trial period is extremely short – our team finished the trial in less than 10 minutes;
  • Registered users have to pay a monthly fee;
  • Lumosity requires internet connection as it cannot be played offline;
  • Needless to say, this type of brain enhancement approach only favors the tech-savvy generation;
  • It is hard to say if training with Lumosity will result in real meaningful improvements in cognitive functioning.


It is important to note that Lumosity is not the only program of this type. In fact, there are quite a few other similar online brain games available, many of which are free to play.

Lumosity could be a good option for those who seek to improve their memory and ability to focus. But the whole program seems to be targeted toward people under 35, a group that is least affected by memory problems. It is quite possible that their target audience consider Lumosity as a “good for you” way to play video games, rather than a way for serious cognitive improvements.

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Lumosity is one of the most popular online platforms for “mental fitness and brain training.” Launched in 2005 by Lumos Labs (a cognitive neur…

Lumosity ReviewBR Moderator4.52016-05-12 12:09:31

Lumosity is one of the most popular online platforms for “mental fitness and brain training.” Launched in 2005 by Lumos Labs (a cognitive neur…

Lumosity Review
4.60 out of 5 based on 35 user ratings
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64 User Reviews about Lumosity
  1. 1

    I also witnessed a rapid improvement in brain activity. However, I found myself losing interest and even becoming irritated in the few games I consistently struggled with. The games are pretty smart for the most part, but as a therapy tool, some important personal assessment and offsite practice tools are missing. Most importantly, the games do not reveal your errors. It only tells you whether you did or did not make a mistake, which can be frustrating and leave you feeling your time was wasted with nothing learned. I also found that the games consumed more time and were more exhausting later even though my proficiency was apparently improving.

  2. 2

    I totally disagree that Lumosity is targeted to the 35 and under group – I am 75 and have several friends in my age group who play. I have noticed a tremendous improvement in nearly every category since I began playing a couple of years ago. I do think it is a good idea to try different games rather than focus on the same few games all the time. Almost anyone can get better playing the same game over and over – doesn’t necessarily mean brain function has improved significantly.

  3. 3

    What are some good free games to enhance your memory? I had a TBI years ago and seizures and my memory and attention span is horrible.

      • 5

        Dawn, Try playing traditional card games, any traditional card games like “concentration”, “cribbage”, “crazy eights”, “spades”, “bridge”, or “pinochle”. Solitaire is much less effective but better than nothing. Better single player card games would be Freecell and Spider. Suduko and crossword puzzles are good print published games. Other than cards and puzzles, “connect four”, “sequence”, “pictionary”, “charades”, “mastermind”, “checkers”, and of course “chess” are great.

  4. 6

    Everywhere I went, people kept treating my ADHD as a “general” disease, without actually trying to understand what I’m going through. Since I find it easy to play (who doesn’t), I tried Lumosity out. After a week of hard play, everyone around me agreed that my condition improved.

  5. 7

    These games are both useful and fun to play! If you’re a regular player, as I am, you’ll definitely notice an improvement in your memory and attention skills.

  6. 8

    This is my favorite mind training website. It never gets boring! The variety of games is amazing and I like that I can see my progress constantly.

  7. 9

    I love these games and I make time for a little fun every week. They’ve helped me tremendously with my attention and memory.

  8. 11

    A Neuroscientest (PhD)

    Oh for goodness sakes, people, who would doubt that practicing something improves how well you perform it? That’s century-old science. And who would doubt that the brain changes in response to learning? That’s century-old science, too. If you want to get better at these sorts of video games, by all means spend your money on this. If you want to improve your intellect, read, and read widely. If you want to improve your memory, do daily memory drills. If you want to improve you analytic skills, do math problems. All will “improve” (that is, change) your brain. For free.

  9. 13

    My declining memory was worrying me quite a bit, since I could always remember things, faces, names and dates perfectly up until several years ago. so Lumosity helped me keep up. I’m considering taking a dietary supplement later on, just to make sure

  10. 14

    I was brought up with the idea that videogames are bad for you, but Lumosity proved me very wrong. I’m very happy that I got this game for my son, it really helps him learn things faster

  11. 15

    This is the type of “video game” that every child should use. My son is really into this program and as a parent I am quite excited.

  12. 16

    Bethanie Tiger

    The games seem similar with some exercises we used to do in school, it seems they are quite similar, hopefully they are more effective.

  13. 17

    I took this program for my daughter and since she started using it, I am noticing a few significant improvements of visual memory and concentration. I am happy that she plays the games because she enjoys them and not because I demand her to follow the program.

  14. 18

    Brain Training software is a wonderful way of improving your cognitive skills. I have been constantly monitoring my performance during the training. From the data that I’ve gathered I can safely say that Lumosity is among the best programs that I’ve tried. You will get a lot from it!

  15. 19

    This can be an interesting approach to train your brain. It is safe, harmless and with no side effects. My son tried it and I think it is really good.

  16. 20

    My kid uses this training program, but with no result. I am disappointed, because I thought this may help him and my hopes were high… But I guess I was wrong and Lumosity is not for everybody.

  17. 21

    These games are simply amazing. My kids are playing them all the time and they seems to enjoy everything about them. I honestly bought this training program, because I was curious, not because my kids are having any kind of problems and I am so glad that I did, cause it seems that there is always something more to learn. BTW, great ideas with these games!

  18. 22

    I bought this program for my 2 kids. The boy didn’t like it at first, but my girl is always happy to ply its games. She convinced Michael to try it, too. I can see that they think faster and focus better. I guess this training is a good way to improve memory and concentration.Now, both of my kids are enjoying it!

  19. 23

    This training program includes great games. My son loves them and plays them every time he is at home. I am so glad that this program is not boring and I don’t have to force my son to follow it. By now, I am very happy with the results!

  20. 24

    This training software application is very catchy. Every day I immerse myself in it and it is hard to convince me not to. I have noticed that I feel more focused during the day and I can concentrate better at school. Thanks!

  21. 25

    Me and my wife purchased this brain training software application for our little son. It seems that it really works as advertised, because we can notice some improvements on our son. Thanks.

  22. 26

    As a software developer I am satisfied with the way this application is presented. It is a very useful tool that provides constructive feedback for any person that seeks to better itself. It is worth your money if you do not have any other working solutions.

  23. 27

    It is a good and non invasive method to improve memory. You can avoid using all kind of drugs and chemicals and it has amazing effects for the brain functions. It enhances brain skills and creativity. A good investment by the way…

  24. 28

    I have bought this training application last year and I don’t regret trying it on my kids. I have 2 boys and I think both of them are doing progress in the brain area. So, I think you should try it! In my case it worked..

  25. 29

    This program is very interesting. Maybe it’s just me and my fascination for such methods, but I’m very satisfied with my progress so far and I am happy that I had the confidence in trying Lumosity when everybody was telling me it’s probably nothing.

  26. 30

    I’ve been going through this program with the help of my brother and I’m very pleased with what I got. Both of us think that this has done a lot of good things for my memory and my concentration. It’s a very professional piece of software with top notch design.

  27. 31

    I like these games a lot. There aren’t not enough nice words to describe the warm feeling I get when I look at my overall progress and realize that I am really improving. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

  28. 32

    It’s pretty interesting but if you dig deep enough through the internet you will find a lot of similar games that are free of charge. Consider buying this if you don’t have any experience in searching the web.

  29. 33

    Brain game are an interesting and fun way to train yourself. There a lot of these out there, some free, some quite expensive. Overall I liked this one’s approach and I think my money were well spent.

  30. 34

    I am very excited whenever I find an interesting brain game. I am hunting for these things all the time and I eat them up immediately. Lumosity is an awesome training game and I find it to be one of the best I ever used. Thumbs up!

  31. 36

    I heard many positive things about this training. The only thing is that it is quite expensive.

  32. 37

    It’s deceptively simple at start but difficulty increases as you progress. Nice tool to monitor and improve your brain skills.

  33. 38

    This game is awesome! I have a feeling that I scored better than I thought I would at some of the Big4 assessment tests.

  34. 39

    I am really keen on mind games and I have finally convinced my son to try Luminosity. He has ADHD so it’s a bit difficult for him to focus, but he does seem to enjoy it.

  35. 40

    I’ve used Luminosity for six months. I am getting better with the tasks and scores are rising and it’s easy to see better performance on the games. I don’t know if my brain is getting better, but it seems logical if I’m getting better at the tasks, I could be improving some brain skills. I wish there were a scientific standard and test method other than my opinion.

  36. 41

    Highly recommended. Better than using all kind of potentially dangerous drugs and brain supplements.

  37. 44

    I’m a huge fan of this program. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the daily training, it’s fun and it’s truly effective. I can see my memory and ability to think improving.

  38. 45

    I like Lumosity training program…but the only problem I have is that I don’t find the games challenging enough…

    • 48

      BR Publishing


      Lumosity is a browser based selection of activities that must be played while connected to the internet.

    • 54

      BR Publishing

      Lumosity doesn’t have any games specifically designed for multiple-play. You can setup a family account and there is no reason why you and a family member can’t work together on a particular activity, but they aren’t specifically designed as group activities.

    • 56

      This system is actually co-designed by consulted scientists that specialize in cognitive function. The learning pace and the types of activities are what set it apart from a crossword.

      Although a crossword does stimulate the brain, it is a far cry to compare Lumosity to such a puzzle.

  39. 57

    There are alot of games out there similar to this one and if I hadn’t gotten it as a gift I wouldn’t even own it.

    • 59


      Lumosity is a computer application that runs through the browser. You need to access it while you are logged into their member interface and online.

  40. 60

    I’m 57 yrs old and my memory isn’t what it used to be. I used to have difficulties in remembering simple things like where did I put the keys or items from my shipping list. One day I discovered Lumosity and everything changed. Those puzzle games are amazing and I can feel my memory and brain functions improving. Thank you!

  41. 62

    Lumosity is not bad. However it is a bit too expensive for my pocket. I will keep searching… maybe for a free program.

  42. 63

    Let me just tell you that this is one of the best programs I have ever found for my son. It is really engaging and over the course of a few months I can see the improvement in his homework. I definitely recommend this to other mothers.