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Lucuma Magic Powder Review
Lucuma Magic Powder Review

PUBLISHED: 01/18/2013 by BR Moderator
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Lucuma Magic Powder

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Lucuma Magic Powder is a multi-vitamin based on a mid-Andes fruit, lucuma, lucmo or eggfruit as it is known is English speaking countries. The company behind this product is Herbs America. According to the manufacturer, users of Lucuma Magic Powder will benefit from increased energy throughout the day.

Herbs America is based in Oregon US and was founded nearly 20 years ago by an experienced and award-winning botanist, Jerome River Black. The company is now present in over 30 countries around the world, among which Peru, China, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and Laos and takes pride in manufacturing only quality organic products. Herbs America owns the Maca Magic brand, the most trusted brand in organic raw maca root. Moreover, they also manufacture herbal supplements under the Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories brand.

According to the manufacturer, Lucuma Magic Powder is entirely made of lucuma fruit powder, describing lucuma as being “the lost gold of the Inca.” The fruit and its powder are a great source for vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene, niacin as well as iron. Lucuma is a fruit with high nutritional value but low sugar content; thus it can be consumed without many downside risks. Moreover, lucuma powder can be used instead of refined sugar in desserts. However, pregnant women or nursing mothers should consult their doctor before using Lucuma Magic Powder.

Lucuma Magic Powder Ingredients

Lucuma Magic Powder includes the following ingredient: Lucuma, Maca, and Acerola berry.

Product Features

Lucuma Magic Powder is a multi-vitamin supplement based on lucuma powder. Lucuma is a fruit growing in South America, in the mid-Andes region, but also in Laos and Vietnam. It is mostly cultivated in the western parts of Peru and Chile as well as south-eastern Ecuador. It can also be found to a limited extent in the Bolivian Andes. The lucuma powder is obtained from dehydrating the fruit after it reaches maturity.

Lucuma is known for its sweet flavor but low glycemic index, its high content of vitamin A, vitamin B3 and iron. Although there has been a study conducted by the State University of Jersey on lucuma nut oil (which has shown the oil has anti-inflammatory properties significant in skin regeneration), there have not been any studies on lucuma powder per se.

Lucuma powder has a high amount of beta-carotene, or vitamin A, which helps increase quantities of serotonin (a neurotransmitter whose deficiency may lead to mood disorders) and encourages new cell growth. Using vitamin A is helpful in eye disorders, skin problems and respiratory disease. Beta-carotene also possesses anti-oxidant properties. Moreover, Lucuma Magic Powder contains niacin or vitamin B3, useful against anxiety, stress, hypertension, learning difficulties, and alcoholism. The supplement also contains iron, which plays an important role against anemia, dizziness or headaches among others.

Lucuma Magic Powder comes in bottles, with each bottle containing 30 servings (6.8 oz). The suggested use is to blend one tablespoon of the powder to 8 oz of beverage (juice, milk), rice and/or any sort of fruit. Moreover, it can be used together with cereal, or it can be added to cookies and pancake batter given its sweet taste. Lucuma powder is also used as an ice cream flavor.

However, according to the manufacturer, the product has not been evaluated by FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent diseases. Moreover, another warning refers to the use of the product by pregnant or nursing women. There are a limited number of customer testimonials, generally saying that they are pleased with the product and that they have especially used in smoothies and ice cream recipes.

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  • It is an organic product
  • The product has been used for thousands of years in Peru and other South American countries
  • It is a natural sweetener which can replace refined sugars in cookies
  • It has high nutritional value, being rich in vitamins
  • The manufacturer is present in over 30 countries worldwide
  • It is widely available in online stores
  • Shipping charges are affordable


  • It may be more expensive than similar products of the competitors
  • There is limited scientific research on the efficacy of the product
  • The efficacy of Lucuma Magic Powder has not been evaluated by the FDA
  • The number of consumer reviews is relatively limited
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers should use it with caution


Lucuma Magic Powder produced by Herbs America is a food supplement obtained from lucuma, a fruit found mainly in South America, but also in Asia. It is a multi-vitamin which can also be used as a sweetener in desserts given its sweet maple-like taste but low sugar content. There is not much scientific evidence backing up the efficacy of the product; nonetheless, lucuma has been traditionally used by Peruvians for thousands of years. However, there are not many customer testimonials on the product, therefore we recommend you to ask for medical advice before using Lucuma Magic Powder as a food supplement.

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