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Live Young Review
Live Young Review

PUBLISHED: 01/04/2017 by BR Publishing
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Live Young

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Have you been suffering from fatigue, general body weakness or laziness? Probably your body has excess free radicals that need to be flushed out. Live young by buried treasure has been designed to help your body in flushing out excess free radicals. Studies show that these free radicals may accumulate in your body, leading to damaged cells. According to Buried Treasure, this whole food formula contains vitamins and antioxidants that will eliminate any free radicals forming in your body. The supplement neutralizes any harmful radicals before they damage your body cells. Live young also contains strong antioxidant abilities that help boost your immune system. It also provides your body with some crucial nutrients. If you are worrying about ways of dealing with your general body weakness, it is the high time you tried out live young supplements. You’ll see, they’ll work!


Live Young contains the following ingredients: Pomegranate (4000 mg), Acai Berry (3500 mg), Goji berries (1000 mg), Mangosteen (500 mg), Blueberry (300 mg), Elderberry (300 mg), Noni (250 mg), Resveratrol 98% (125 mg), Bilberry (100 mg), Cranberry (100 mg), Grape Seed (100 mg), Grape Skin (100 mg), Green Tea (100 mg), Citrus Biflavonoids (65 mg), Rutin (40 mg), L-Glutathione (10 mg), Lycopene (25 mcg).

Product Features

This supplement contains a variety of nutrients that blend to make an effective product when consumed. Live young by Buried Treasure comes in the form of a liquid to fasten the rate of absorption. It is the best product! It works naturally with your body and the company claims that it does not contain yeast, wheat, dairy and gluten. According to various customer reviews, they claim that the product worked best on their bodies with zero side effects and allergies. Buried Treasure goes ahead and claim that their product is always fresh! This is thanks to the polysine and nisin it contains. Herbal antioxidants found in this formula will benefit your body greatly after consumption. The whole food formula is very effective to count on. It will help you relieve stress, relax your mind and flush out free radicals that may cause serious damages on your body cells.

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  • The live young supplement by Buried Treasure Company comes with a handful of advantages. The product contains natural nutrients and antioxidants that will help your body relax. Some consumers have mentioned that the food formula has no side effects and that they did not experience any allergic reactions. The whole food formula is in liquid form to enhance faster absorption and digestion among the seniors.
  • The product will help your body’s energy levels increase after consumption. The natural nutrients in the food formula will help revive your body and add positive impacts. The product is available at affordable prices in pharmacies and various online stores. You can purchase the product anytime you need it!


  • Despite live young products having several advantages, it has some few disadvantages. The product should only be used within 45 days after opening it. It’s also recommended that you should not take the product on an empty stomach.
  • Finally pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should always inquire from their healthcare professionals before they consume it.


The information above is a clear indication that Live young is one of the ideal products to eliminate harmful free radicals from your body. With the product at your disposal, you will no longer have to worry about fatigue, feeling lazy and general body weakness. Purchase this product to experience its healing nature.

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