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Lithium Carbonate Review
Lithium Carbonate Review

PUBLISHED: 04/20/2012 by breditor
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Lithium Carbonate

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Lithium Carbonate is the first-line treatment for the manic phases of bipolar disorder. It is considered a mood stabilizer and can only be acquired if prescribed by your doctor.

Because of the increased demand for this type of products, there are many companies that are producing Lithium Carbonate, and there are many brand names associated with the product, such as Carbolith, Eskalith, Lithane, Lithobid, Lithotabs and Lithionane.

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, mania, extreme mood swings, or other symptoms of bipolar disorder, then you should contact your doctor immediately, and he or she will decide if Lithium Carbonate is the right form of medication for you. Even if you are thoroughly convinced that you require this substance for medication, it is still highly recommended you consult a doctor, to determine the appropriate dosage and consumption method.

Lithium Carbonate Ingredients

Lithium Carbonate contains: Lithium Carbonate.

Product Features

Lithium Carbonate is a chemical compound of lithium, known for its use in treating mania and bipolar disorder.

People started using Lithium for these conditions in 1949, and it is still considered the main form of treatment for the manic phases of bipolar disorder. The substance takes a few months to begin having the desired effect, so it is commonly prescribed with antipsychotic medication for this time frame.

Lithium is also sometimes used in other psychiatric conditions such as cycloid psychosis and major depressive disorder. This substance is preferred to other mood stabilizers and anti-convulsants because of it\’s important antisuicidal effect. Other uses for the substance include treatment of cluster headaches and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The dosage for this medication has to be set by the doctor that prescribes it to you. It is very important you do not go over the recommended dose, as the effects of overdosing on lithium include diarrhea, asthenia, ataxia, seizures and can even lead to death. Reported side effects for lithium are significant weight-gain, hypothyroidism and affections of the kidneys. It has also been reported to sometimes have paradoxical effects, increasing the occurrence of suicidal thoughts and actions.

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  • medically proven effect in stabilizing the mood of individuals
  • reduces suicidal behavior to a larger extent than other forms of prescription medication
  • price is usually covered by health insurance.


  • medication only available if prescribed by a doctor
  • doesn’t have an immediate effect
  • may have paradoxical side effects, increasing likelihood of suicide
  • overdosage may prove lethal.


Bipolar disorder is a very serious medical condition that has to be carefully diagnosed and treated. If you have been diagnosed with this condition and your doctor prescribed Lithium Carbonate to you, it is very important that you respect the indications given, as it is the fastest way to remove the negative effects of your conditions.

It is strongly recommended that you research producers for this medication, as the quality may differ between different manufacturers. There is a wide selection of generic Lithium Carbonate, but it is up to you if the trade-off between quality and price is worth the potential health risk.

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