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Librium Chlordiazepoxide Review
Librium Chlordiazepoxide Review

PUBLISHED: 04/19/2012 by breditor
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Librium Chlordiazepoxide

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Librium Chlordiazepoxide is a prescription medication used to treat severe anxiety. The manufacturer for this product is Valeant, a pharmaceutical company founded in the 1960 that has a wide selection of quality products for a series of conditions of disorders, while paying special attention to products in the neurology sector, developing medication to treat conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

Librium Chlordiazepoxide is only available via a prescription, so it is up to your doctor to decide whether it is the right medication for you. It is normally used in treating trauma-induced anxiety, since it’s not optimal for long-term treatment. It might also be prescribed to help people facing withdrawal symptoms following the absence of alcohol.

Librium Chlordiazepoxide Ingredients

Librium Chlordiazepoxide contains: Chlordiazepoxide, corn starch, lactose and talc.

Product Features

Librium Chlordiazepoxide is normally used in the short-term treatment of severe anxiety, in the cases in which it prevents a person from functioning normally. It may also be prescribed in case of alcohol withdrawal.

The product belongs to the benzodiazepine family of medication, along with Valium and Xanax, and has amnestic, hypnotic, anxiolytic and skeletal muscle relaxant properties. It is the first benzodiazepine to have been discovered, but is not so widely used due to the discovery of more substances of its class and the improvements that were later brought to them.

Librium is only recommended for short-term use due to extensive list of side effects that commonly occur. These include a lower cognitive capacity, confusion, drowsiness, skin rashes, liver problems, muscle coordination issues and many more. As with most benzodiazepines, it causes addiction, another reason for prolonged usage to be discouraged.

This medication is not recommended for elderly people, pregnant women and children. The dosage is to be set by the doctor prescribing it. Going over the prescribed dosage is highly discouraged, due to the potentially lethal effects of overdosing on this medication.

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  • the product has been extensively researched
  • the effects of the medication have been tested and medically proven
  • the manufacturer has a good reputation and experience dealing with neurological pharmaceutical products
  • the price for the medication will usually be covered by health insurance


  • product causes addiction and has a history of being used for recreational purposes
  • large list of side-effects
  • overdosaging can lead to coma and death
  • only available through a prescription


There is no doubt regarding the effectiveness of Librium Chlordiazepoxide, after the extensive research that has been done on it, as well as the class of medication it belongs to. The major issue with this pharmaceutical product is that it\’s only designed for short-term use, otherwise the drawbacks might exceed the advantages.

If your doctor prescribed Librium Chlordiazepoxide to you, make sure you respect the indications that he or she gave you thoroughly. While side-effect occurrence is common for this product, alert your medic if they occur for you, as they might be an indication of a more severe condition. Never go above the recommended dosage or time period of consumption, as the effects might be lethal.

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Librium Chlordiazepoxide Review
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