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Lecithin Review
Lecithin Review

PUBLISHED: 12/05/2016 by BR Publishing
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Lecithin is a dietary supplement to support brain, heart, liver, and nervous system health. It’s made for popular California company Lindberg Nutrition. They’ve been around for more than 60 years and have established a solid reputation. They often win awards in their local area. The company has two locations in California, which is more than most other supplement companies can say. In regard to this particular product, it doesn’t have any specific benefits that any one demographic group would want. It’s a general nootropic which many people may find useful.


Lecithin contains the following ingredients: Lecithin (from non-GE Soy) 1.2 g, Phosphatidylcholine (156-192 mg), Phosphatidylethanolamine (96-132 mg), Phosphatidylinositol (108-156 mg).

Product Features

One capsule of this product contains 1.2 g (1200 mg) of soy based lecithin. This substance is an essential part of cellular structure and is found in every living thing. You naturally consume lecithin in fruits, meats, and vegetables. It’s also used in commercial products for improving food textures and making sure some things don’t stick to substances they shouldn’t. It has a variety of uses and isn’t limited just to health benefits.

Lecithin includes well known nootropics such as phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidylinositol (PI). The lipid phosphatidylcholine was the first to be identified, in 1847, from chicken egg yolks. As a supplement, soy lecithin has a lot of potential benefits. It can improve cholesterol levels, reduce stress, aid your liver, and might help with cognitive function due to choline and fatty acids. Some clinical trials have used lecithin supplementation to try and combat memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It’s also been used in eye medications and moisturizers. Unproven benefits so far include boosting the immune system.

Soy lecithin is often supplemented in doses of 500 to 2000 mg daily. How much you need depends on your personal biochemistry, but the 1200 mg in this product is likely fine. If you’re not sure how much lecithin you need, consult your doctor. It doesn’t have to be taken with a meal, but commonly is, as a precautionary measure. Lecithin is widely regarded as safe and there are few concerns with taking it. Do note that there are rare risks of side effects like diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal discomfort.

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  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sugars. This is a one ingredient product, so you know exactly what you consume.
  • Very inexpensive supplement, which may have many benefits.


  • Gelatin capsules means this isn’t a vegan supplement, despite the only active ingredient being soy.
  • Might be better as part of a nootropic stack, instead of being a standalone supplement.


Soy lecithin is a common nootropic substance with proven benefits. The only potential downside is that it might be too general. It’s not inherently clear why someone would choose this over some other nootropics. Lecithin contains popular ingredients like phosphatidylserine and choline. People may prefer to get them from other manufacturers who provide additional complementary ingredients. Almost anyone can get some benefits from this product by Lindberg Nutrition. However, it could be viewed as too general, as it doesn’t have a specific draw.

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