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LA Naturals Astragalus Organic Review
LA Naturals Astragalus Organic Review

PUBLISHED: 06/03/2013 by brreader
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LA Naturals Astragalus Organic

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LA Naturals Astragalus Organic is an immune system booster and general tonic. The herbal dietary supplement manufactured by LA Naturals features a single extract from the Astragalus plant, a traditional Chinese medicinal plant. The supplement is advertised to exert long term benefits for the health, by promoting healthy energy levels and helping the body increase its resistance to disease.

As most herbal dietary supplements, LA Naturals Astragalus Organic is not clinically researched. The manufacturer offers extremely scarce information on the product. Except for an ingredient list and a very brief listing of the formula’s core benefits, the official website fails to offer relevant product information.

Fortunately, the core ingredient has been the subject of several published research studies, making available for the general public the main potential therapeutic applications of this tincture formula. LA Naturals Astragalus Organic is available in a liquid form, making it very easy to ingest, even by sensitive individuals.

L.A. Naturals is a company headquartered in New Mexico, United States, which enjoys a 30 years market presence. The company currently manufactures a complete range of natural liquid formulations, such as herbal remedies, tinctures, vitamins, and homeopathic formulas in a range that is distributed at international level. The company invests in the modernization of their product line and in improving their product range.

LA Naturals Astragalus Organic Ingredients

LA Naturals Astragalus Organic contains the following ingredients: Certified Organic Astragalus Root “Huang Chi” (Astragalus membranaceus), Grain Alcohol (27-37% by volume), and Deionized Water.

Product Features

LA Naturals Astragalus Organic is an organic-based formula which builds on the therapeutic properties of the root of Huang Chi, or Astragalus as it is most commonly known. The herb currently enjoys a positive reputation among consumers inclined towards herbal remedies. As numerous other benefits are discovered for the plant, the number of products claiming its benefits increases.

The plant is especially renowned for its adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are plants that work to help the body adapt to all forms of stress, from physical to emotional. Another famous adaptogen is Ginseng. The root of this plant is used to create relaxation inducing formulas recommended during stressful times.

Fatigue and poor appetite can also benefit from formulas containing this plant extract. Several studies have shown that patients suffering from post chemotherapy symptoms (lack of appetite and tiredness) may find relief.

Other potential uses of LA Naturals Astragalus Organic derived from the benefits of the core ingredient include treatment of influenza and colds, alleviation of anemia, allergy relief and potentially preventing heart disease. The herb may prove to exert antioxidant properties which may entitle it to a whole new set of benefits.

The manufacturer recommends taking a daily dose of 30 to 60 drops in water or in juice 2 or 3 times Consumer reviews are extremely limited in number (less than 5 at the time of this review).

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  • This is a 100% herbal, natural formulation
  • Organic formulation
  • Liquid formula, easy to ingest
  • The core ingredient has been heavily researched


  • No consumer reviews to evaluate the formula’s effectiveness
  • Safety regarding pregnant and nursing omen insufficiently studied
  • Potential side effects of Astragalus


Over the past decades, herbal medicinal remedies and practices have gained sufficient ground to pose serious threats to the popularity of traditional medicine. Although many advise against the use of remedies which usually do not benefit of the same attention in terms of research efforts as traditional drugs, consumers all over the world opt for the less expensive, less intrusive natural ways of healing. LA Naturals Astragalus Organic advertises benefits associated to a plant which has been used for decades by the Traditional Chinese doctors. Trust hence derives from a long historical practice of remedies containing this plant. Caution is, however, advised, as certain combinations may generate unwanted results.

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