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KidsMemory Review
KidsMemory Review

PUBLISHED: 04/07/2012 by brreader
Editor's Review: 2.8/5.0
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KidsMemory is an educational portal destined to stimulate memory and facilitate learning for children. The website is administered by the KidsKnowIT Network, a network providing numerous educational tools, from games and movies to posters and podcasts.

Active since 1998, the KidsKnowIT Network tries to provide high quality entertainment that’s meant to stimulate the memory and learning process for children. The same applies for KidsMemory, although the website is focused mostly on memory stimulation through the use of fun games.

The website claims to improve children’s memory and capacity to focus, highlighting the importance of memory in the educational process. Through the 4 games currently available on the website, KidsMemory attempts providing children with a fun means of using their time on the internet, catering them with fun and stimulation at the same time.

KidsMemory Ingredients

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Product Features

KidsMemory is a website that currently contains 4 games. Each of them is designed to train children’s brain by stimulating their memory capabilities.

With games such as Number Scrambler, Memory Match, Light it Up and Memory face off, the website tries creating a fun learning environment in which children can practice their memory in an engaging, colorful manner. Some of these games are re-visited versions of older similar games, but the colors and age-specific drawing provide extra optical stimulation and increase the attractiveness of these particular games for children.

There is little proof that these games can indeed stimulate your child’s memory, but that’s also true about a wide variety of educational products and even some supplements designed for children. Use of the website is completely free and it provides parents with a safe online environment for their children, with several links to similar educational websites.

A small amount of caution is advised, as a prolonged interaction with computer screens without frequent breaks can damage your child’s eyesight.

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  • website is free to use.
  • colorful, accessible design, attractive for children.
  • safe online environment.
  • website is linked to other similar educational website, which provides additional entertainment and learning.


  • little proof or testimonials that product claims are valid.
  • exposed memory to PC or laptop screens can cause eye damage.
  • no games that encourage parent participation in the learning process.
  • risk of child wandering off to different websites.


Although there is little proof that the website can accomplish what it advertises, the main advantage of such a website is undeniable: it provides parents with a free, fun and safe way of keeping their children entertained while online.

It is difficult to quantify memory capabilities in children, seeing as they frequently get distracted and lose interest in activities at hand. KidsMemory attempts to capture their attention and focus it towards improving their brains, providing them with fun at the same time.

If your child suffers from disorders that reduce his or her capacity to focus, medical attention and professional supervision are recommended. However, there is little damage that KidsMemory and the KidsKnowIt Network can cause, and their services can still be appreciated, if only for the entertainment value.

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