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Kids Super Brainy Review
Kids Super Brainy Review

PUBLISHED: 04/24/2017 by BR Publishing
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Kids Super Brainy

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Kids Super Brainy is a natural brain food supplement that is suitable for brain development. It is recommended for parents who want their children to have better brain performance. OLLY, The manufacturer behind this supplement, say that it is tummy friendly and does not leave your kids with the unpleasant fishy taste. It has a good amount of Omega that kids in the developmental stage need. It is also a natural blend of choline, essential B vitamins, and wild berry.

These three ingredients are the key to faster kid brain and overall body development. Kids Super Brainy contains powerful ingredients that are put together to supply your body with all your daily nutritional needs. The product is said to have an excellent taste that will be enjoyed by kids.


Kids Super Brainy contains the following ingredients: Kids Super Brainy includes the following ingredients: Omega-3s (DHA, EPA, and other Omega-3s), Wild Blueberry, and Choline.

Product Features

Wild Blueberry: One of the super ingredient from wild berries that are believed to be a true source of the rich in powerful phytonutrients.
Omega-3 DHA: This essential fatty acid is fundamental for healthy brain development and function.

Choline: A critical nutrient for those who want to have healthy brain functions and development. This B vitamin helps support healthy brain activity.

This is a powerful formulation of natural ingredients, colors, and flavors. They work together to give the best brain health and development you desire the young ones to have. The manufacturer says that they use polynutrients and oxidants from plants. This is to ensure that you get all you dietary nutritional needs in a tasty and enjoyable supplement. There is another claim about the product. That Kids Supper Brainy is not only useful for kids, but the powerful combination of vitamins, polynutrients, and minerals are also ideal for adults! This is especially so for adults who need the benefits of super working brain and body development.

OLLY Kids Super Brainy is available in a blend of colors. It is said that it may change its color from time to time due to the presence of natural colors and flavors. This the manufacturer asserts that does no affect the quality of the product. Indicated dosage should be; Kids from the ages of 2 and above can chew 2 gummies daily. They should be thoroughly chewed before swallowing. No water is needed for dosage.

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  • Can be used by patients who suffer severe constipation
  • Used to reduce behavioral problems in kids


  • Expensive product
  • Children may find it hard to chew this product as recommended.
  • Supervision is needed to make sure that kids take their daily dosage.


We all to see our children develop well as they enjoy their childhood. No parent would want to see their child lag, especially in the crucial developmental stages in early life. OLLY Kids Super Brainy may be the ideal savior. Its natural blend of ingredients has been made to ensure that kids with sensitive stomach are no affected in any way. It is quite ingenious from the manufacturer of this product to eliminate the unpleasant fishy taste. Amazingly, it still promises the presence of the essential Omega needed for brain development.

The product color may change over time due to the natural food colors used. Though this may not affect the potency of the supplement as claimed. It may, however, be hard to convince some parents to keep using the supplement.

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Kids Super Brainy Review
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