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Kava Kava Review
Kava Kava Review

PUBLISHED: 01/20/2017 by BR Publishing
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Kava Kava

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This is a natural Kava Kava root extract that can either be in the form of liquid or tablet form. Its main use is to cure insomnia, bring a feeling of relaxation during sleep, to cure anxiety, stress and restlessness. A US based company known as Natrol with irrefutable grip in the health supplements industry and having over 250 product categories on different ailments produces this product. It claims that it only produces high quality pharmaceutical products for different clients. Its operations are run on FDA registered facilities that abide by industry stands and controls. They can be trusted to deliver high quality products!
Accordingly Kava Kava has the recommended levels of melatonin, the sleeping extract that is said to be 100% plant or herbal based. There are no colors, preservatives or additives to enhance the product. The intended result of this extract is to bring the user to a state of calmness and relaxation. It is further claimed that products such as yeast, eggs, glutens, wheat, milk, soy, or added sugars are not part of the product. You should take Kava Kava alongside meals to experience its full benefits.
Kava Kava should only be used by people who are 18 years and above. It should not be used by breastfeeding and pregnant women, liver patients, and people who consume a copious quantity of alcoholic beverages. Consult with a medical professional if you are on medical prescriptions. You should take care not to use this supplement if you are a driver or a machine operator as it is known to impair one’s judgment.


Kava Kava contains the following ingredients: Kava Kava Extract (Piper methylsticum) (root) (200 mg), Kavalactones (60 mg).

Product Features

Kava Kava refers to a beverage extracted from a plant root. Its main ingredient is Piper methysticum found in pepper plan. The extracts are grounded and mixed with water to make a powdered beverage. The product is ideal for calming your body and mind by increasing the levels of melatonin and other sleep inducing nutrients. This reduces the stress levels and restores the body to its normal functioning form.

This is a vital supplement that delivers benefits of sleep to people of old age. Variety of compounds known as pyrone and kavalactones dissolve quickly to help the central nervous system manage sleep and offer mild pain killing abilities. Several studies yet to be supported by facts indicate that usage of this product may impair the effectiveness of birth control pills. They can also be used to reduce panic attacks.
Notable withdrawal symptoms include tiredness, decreased libido, euphoria, skin conditions, and judgment impairment.

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  • It’s one of the affordable vitamin supplements.
  • Can be consumed in solid or liquid form.
  • Improves alertness.
  • Gives the sense of calmness.


  • Prolonged use may cause liver problems.
  • Mild Euphoria with extended use.
  • Drowsiness.
  • May increase toxic levels in the body.


It is an effective relaxer that busy and tired people may find quite useful. Not so many studies have been exhaustively conducted on the effects of Kava Kava therefore one needs to get the correct information from an authorized dealer or physician. People with liver and alcohol problems should not use this supplement. You should stop using it the moment symptoms such as fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite or fever starts to show up. If your dosage goes beyond 4 weeks be advised to consult a doctor.

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