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Kalms Sleep Tablets Review
Kalms Sleep Tablets Review

PUBLISHED: 04/03/2012 by brreader
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Kalms Sleep Tablets

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Kalms Sleep Tablets is a product designed to aid people suffering from sleeping disorders. Manufactured by Lanes Health, a UK based company that specializes in the manufacturing of alternative medicine, these sleeping tablets claim to improve people’s lives by providing them with well-needed good nights of rest.

Lanes Health is a company founded in the UK in 1930 by Gilbert Lane as a family business. Over the past 70 years they have focused on providing high quality products, manufactured in conditions as close to ideal as possible. Their products range from stress relief medication, to herbal teas and even sleeping pills such as Kalms Sleep Tablets.

This product is supposed to relieve customers of stress and irritability by providing them with a solid night’s sleep. Rather than “knocking out” patients, Kalms Sleep Tablets speeds up the process of falling asleep and ensures that your night will be restful and soothing rather than agitated.

Kalms Sleep Tablets Ingredients

Kalms Sleep Tablets contains: Powdered Hop Strobile, Vervain Powder, Wild Lettuce Powder Extract, Passiflora Extract, Valerian Extract.

Product Features

Kalms Sleep Tablets is a herbal remedy, meant to facilitate sleep, thus reducing stress and fatigue levels. The main ingredient in the supplement is Valerian, a herb commonly known for its sedative and anxiolytic effects and frequently used as an alternative to benzodiazepine drugs. It is also widely used in treating sleeping disorders, being appreciated for the lack of drowsiness and side effects. The same statements hold valid for hops, with the caution that allergies to this plant can sometimes occur

The presence of Vervain in the compound is somewhat curious, as it has no reported effects on sleep disorders. The herb has uses in stimulating lactation and has abortifacient potential, making the use of this supplement dangerous for pregnant or nursing women.

Wild lettuce and Passiflora extracts have been proven to have sedative and anxioliytic effects, being commonly used to facilitate sleep.

While most of these herbs have known effects against insomnia on their own, there is no proof that their effects are as potent as advertised when put together. There are no testimonials on the company website regarding this product, no evidence of tests being made and the supplement poses potential risks for pregnant and nursing women and is also not advised for children and infants. Caution is recommended when taking Kalms Sleep Tablets, as it is meant to facilitate sleep; do not attempt to operate heavy machinery following the ingestion of the pills.

The recommended dosage is 3-4 pills, one hour before going to sleep, as often as needed.

Sale Price: $8.98

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • all ingredients are natural.
  • free shipping in the UK.
  • affordable product (roughly 7.5$ for 50 tablets).
  • refunds possible within 7 days of delivery.


  • no clinical trials to support product claims.
  • no possibility of trials
  • not recommended for use by pregnant and nursing women, children and infants.
  • there’s a variety of products on the market that claims to have the same effects.


While the prospective of managing sleeping disorders with herbal supplements is appealing, if you suffer from afflictions such as chronic insomnia it is highly recommended that you seek professional help, as you might need prescribed medication. Also, if you have allergies to any of the ingredients, usage of this product is strongly discouraged. Nursing and pregnant women should avoid using this product; according to the supplement’s website, the product is not intended for people under the age of 18.

Kalms Sleep Tablets claims to provide customers with stress relief by facilitating good rest, however there is little evidence regarding this statement, with no trials or testimonials available. However, the ingredients in it are entirely natural and widely used to treat sleeping disorders, so there is a possibility of this product helping people in need of that extra nudge towards a good night’s sleep.

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Kalms Sleep Tablets Review
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