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Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid Review
Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid Review

PUBLISHED: 10/01/2012 by BR Publishing
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Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid

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Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid is an herbal supplement advertised to promote restful sleep and a healthy sleep-wake cycle. The formula is manufactured by the Japanese company Natural Medicine Association, which claims Kaimin- Natural Sleep Aid will also aids in relieving stress which is often the cause of poor quality sleep.

The manufacturing company was founded in 1998 and is a leading manufacturer of herbal supplements in Japan. The company claims to offer health foods and supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, powders and jelly, products for which Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and principles are mixed with modern nutritional science. The company also manufactures cosmetics with specially selected raw materials for sensitive skin.

Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid can be used by adults who experience occasional insomnia or who seek a natural way to relieve stress and achieve good quality sleep.

Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid Ingredients

Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid includes the following ingredients: Bracket fungus, Jujube seed, Linden tree, Silk tree flower and Siberian Ginseng.

Product Features

Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid is a mix of herbal ingredients. Siberian Ginseng or Eleuthero has powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic properties. Its main benefits include helping the body cope with stress, promoting a temporary state of well being and, improving short term memory in healthy individuals and aiding mental and physical performance. While side effects are rare, some people may experience drowsiness, changes in heart rhythm, anxiety, sadness, muscle spasms or increased high blood pressure.

Jujube seed has been shown by numerous studies to act either as a sedative or as an anxiolytic drug, depending on the dosage used. The jujube trees exist in China for more than 3000 years and their fruits have been used as medicine to this day. Apparently, Jujube works by lowering blood pressure and Cortisol levels, assisting with body relaxation and a sound night sleep. Similarly, the other ingredients in Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid are known for their sedative effects. The Linden Tree is used in traditional Chinese medicine primarily as a non-narcotic sedative for sleep disorders and anxiety, whereas Silk Tree Flowers have been used to treat insomnia and irritability for hundreds of years.

Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid received no reviews from consumers. No side effects, precautions or other warnings are issued by the manufacturer. The manufacturer recommends taking 6-9 of Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid capsules per day.

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  • Herbal ingredients;
  • Most of the ingredients are researched and are generally safe for use.


  • Some mild side effects associated to some ingredients;
  • Available for bulk sale only.


Kaimin – Natural Sleep Aid is a Japanese product promoted as a sleep aid and anxiety remedy. The formula combines 5 herbal ingredients, most of which have been researched and proven safe. These herbs have been used to treat insomnia or anxiety for hundreds of years by traditional Oriental medicine practitioners.

The formula is available for bulk sale, including OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) orders, meaning the product can be found on the market under any other brand name.

While this product may turn out to be effective, you should be aware that insomnia may indicate some serious underlying health problems. This is why we advise you to talk to a specialist, determine the cause of your insomnia and only after begin treatment.

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