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Juvenon Review
Juvenon Review

PUBLISHED: 05/17/2011 by brreader
Editor's Review: 3.2/5.0
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Juvenon Healthy Aging Support is presented as a combination of natural micronutrients with anti aging effects. This supplement was created by a team of award-winning scientists at the University of California, led by the renowned biochemist and geneticist Dr. Bruce Ames.

According to the manufacturer, the team focused on researching the connections between diet, maintaining healthy cells, and the aging process. Most of Dr. Ames’ research was oriented towards discovering the link between the aging process and the microscopic structures inside cells (mitochondria – the powerhouses of our cells, the biological engines that convert fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into the energy our body is using). The team claims to have discovered that Juvenon (or its formula) can “postpone cellular aging.” According to the members, Juvenon can provide extra energy, a better memory, a sharper mind, restful sleep, younger looking skin, and healthier blood pressure.

The company makes some very bold claims regarding this brain supplement. It appears that their formula is trying to target many markets and possible customers at once.

Juvenon Ingredients

Juvenon contains the following ingredients: Biotin (300 mcg), Calcium (154 mg), Phosphorus (117 mg), Acetyl L-Carnitine (1000 mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (400 mg), microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, Hypromellose, silica, croscarmellose sodium, titanium dioxide, natural peppermint flavor, triacetin, and propylene glycol.

Product Features

Dr. Ames and his research team claim to have discovered – during pre-clinical tests – that by using the right combination of a powerful antioxidant (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and a natural energy-boosting component (Acetyl L-Carnitine), they could increase the lifespan of mitochondria, which will eventually lead to a slower cellular aging process.

As advertised by its developers, Juvenon has an overall effect of promoting a healthier and more energetic body, as well as protecting tissues against toxic oxidants. The use of numerous antioxidants helps the body defend itself and fight against harmful free radicals that are found in nature and are responsible for the breakdown of our cells. However, it is difficult to recognize or prove these qualities, as the supplement contains, in our opinion, a mixture of good and bad ingredients.

Although the team of scientists is advertising Juvenon as a great brain supplement, its ingredients by themselves are not able to play a major role in supporting and enhancing the brain functions or helping the brain produce new neurotransmitters itself.

Juvenon reviews are mixed, with some consumers reporting the formula’s inability to produce any effects. A Juvenon scam is even brought into discussion by some.

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  • The product was developed by a team of award-winning scientists;
  • It contains several important antioxidants and amino acids;
  • The benefits of Juvenon are supported by Dr. Andrew Weil, a renowned naturopath.


  • Some side effects have been reported such as: temporary gastrointestinal effects, insomnia, over-stimulation, heart rhythm disturbances;
  • Although the product is advertised as a brain supplement as well, the ingredients on their own are not able to play an important role in supporting brain functions;
  • It contains ingredients with potential harmful effects: titanium dioxide (a pill coloring agent), polydexterose (artificial sweetener), and maltodextrin (artificial sweetener);
  • Individuals undergoing chemotherapy or taking anti-diabetes drugs should check with their doctor before taking this supplement.


This product may be effective for a short period of time and according to the development team, it shows the best results for people aged 50 years-old and above. However, on the long term, this may not be the best brain supplement to use. If you suffer from sleeping disorders, insomnia or low energy, you may want to seek medical advice rather than use this supplement.

On the other hand, Juvenon may be an option if you don’t normally have these problems and you just need a healthy boost of energy for the day.

Juvenon reviews from other consumers make note of a variety of results, from those who claim the formula is amazing, to others who talk about Juvenon as nothing but a scam.

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Juvenon Healthy Aging Support is presented as a combination of natural micronutrients with anti aging effects. This supplement was created by a te…

Juvenon Reviewbrreader32016-05-19 12:09:31

Juvenon Healthy Aging Support is presented as a combination of natural micronutrients with anti aging effects. This supplement was created by a te…

Juvenon Review
4.54 out of 5 based on 26 user ratings
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41 User Reviews about Juvenon
  1. 1

    Been taking Juvenon for a few years. (I am 71 in a few days). And then due to travel, I went off it. Big mistake. Brain fog, memory problems soon appeared. Went back on it and tbl all cleared up.

  2. 3

    My night’s sleep is finally something to look forward to and I can’t even remember when my days were as full of energy and life. I could not believe that after only 4 weeks of taking this I literally feel younger.

  3. 4

    I have been taking Juvenon for two and a half weeks now and I have absolutely seen the benefits of this product. I’m 63 years old and the age was beginning to take its toll on my memory. I’ve been less forgetful lately and I actually feel more energetic, too.

  4. 5

    I used Juvenon while going through radiation treatment- I was able to still work full time throughout without energy loss. I couldn’t have done without it. My husband however, tried it (healthy) and saw the complete tablets in his stools- a waste of money as it went right through without dissolving at all.

  5. 6

    I purchased 8 bottles of this SUPPLEMENT.!!! My husband & myself have used for a few months.!!!! I sadly had mistaken your product to have more of a trial period than 60 days.. Spoke w/male customer rep 2day 1/27/15 n he informed me that I HAD TOO FAR SURPASSED MY TRIAL PERIOD OF 60 DAYS N WAS ACTUALLY RATHER COCKY & RUDE ABOUT IT!!! I told him I purchase vitamins & SUPPLEMENTS regularly n it is not uncommon for Dr’s & their companies to stand behind their products 100% & Lifetime guarantee for products being purchased for a trial basis the first time…If, the product is re-ordered then that warranty is no longer backed by that type of warranty! companies that i do purchase n re~purchase from due to their customer satisfaction guarantee policy.!!! These Are the companies that I will stay with Because they have shown that they care!!! The few times I have not been satisfied they are sure to try & help us figure out another 1 of their products that may work & usuually does work better for us & they take into consideration the product returned that did not work for ur bodies & they are more than willing. To work w/us so, that we are satisfied customers…I will name a couple that stand by their products completely ~ 100% money back guarantee for first time buying if, We decide that a particular product does not give us the results that the have claimed the product wld…they have NO PROBLEM REFUNDING 100% FOR UNLIMITTED TRIAL PERIOD {1ST TIME USING}…a lot of vitamins n supplements that claim to rejuvinate cellular health is not noticable until 60-90 days && I wld say your product deff fell into that category…we used close to if, not up to 90 days w/no visible results n certainly nothing like ur add claimed that it wld do…But, your rude customer wreck {rep} rudely denied any further assistance w/ant other product u may have that cld possibly work better for us & flagt out denied any possibility of returning 4 bottles of ur product that was not even opened so, that says a lot to me right there…if, I cant even get a refund for uun~opened product of yours~that tells me That You Dont Even Want the Stuff back…I heard in this mans voice “you have it, you keep it, we dont care if it hasnt been opened..its yours now & off our hands..we have your money so, keep it..we dont care if doesnt work for you, we dont care what you do with it but, just dont send it back to us! Good riddence ~you bought it you got it, so keep it cuz we dont want it! The reputable co’s I am speaking of that has such a excellent product guarantee~ stand by & back up their product n will galdly take back if, it foesnt work…1} IVL:Institute for Vibrant Living & 2} Dr Stephen Sinatra @ Healthy Living.!!! I doubt very much your company will thrive w/the lack of customer Support & Lack of Customer Caring…I found a cold, rude & uncaring live ansering machine w/this male rep at ur co…i will not b returning for any more lack of caring or sympathy or empathy from a company that that claims to b of help In The Health Care Field…thank you for not showing any Healthy caring to me or my family & I will not b returning.

  6. 7

    I was recommended Juvenon by a couple of my friends, for my declining memory and focus problems…I seem to recall things faster and for a longer period of time, so I suppose it works.

  7. 8

    I really felt like I needed a boost to become more energetic, and Juvenon turned out to be just the thing to get me going around as happily as a Smurf.

  8. 9

    This formula makes me feel younger, I have better energy levels, my mood is more balanced and there are clear results when it comes to skin. I am very satisfied with the effects of this product.

  9. 10

    For me it wasn’t a big surprise that i saw no difference after two weeks, at least for the physical improvement, but then again maybe it’s the lifestyle.

  10. 11

    My mother is obsessed with stuff like this. She uses Juvenon for a very long time and she says that she is very happy and satisfied about the results.

  11. 12

    Juvenon doesn’t work as advertised. I have tried it and I haven’t noticed anything different. It’s just a waste of time and money.

  12. 13

    I have taken Juvenon for a couple of days and unfortunately I couldn’t continue the treatment because I was having terrible stomach aches during the treatment. So I had to quit and search for something else.

  13. 14

    This is good stuff for concentration and memory problem. I use it every day, together with my best friend and both of us are satisfied with the results. We are making progress each day and all of this thanks to Juvenon.

  14. 15

    Juvenon gives me a lot of energy and it helps me to focus and concentrate better all the time. At work I am doing great and also at home my family is happy that I have changed and I am less nervous and with more free time to spend with them.

  15. 16

    Juvenon is a good way to keep up with all the exhausting requirements from my new job. It gives me energy and also I feel some improvements on my capacity to multitask.

  16. 17

    I have done some research and I have decided to try Juvenon for myself. I have noticed that I have more energy and that the days seems to be longer. I have many activities going on during the days and I don’t feel exhausted during the evening. I don’t know if there is a placebo effect, but I think it’s great and I will continue to use it!

  17. 18

    Juvenon is like giving me confidence and energy. I am no longer at the age of intense effort but I still have the courage to try a thing or to that I might otherwise not have. And Juvenon plays a big part in all of this.

  18. 19

    Juvenon helped my grandfather very much. It significantly improved his weak memory and good mood. I am very happy that we can enjoy every moment spent together and hope there will be many others to come. ¬

  19. 20

    Although it is a really expensive supplement, I think I will continue using Juvenon because I have noticed a significant improvement regarding memory and general mood. It is worth all the money.

  20. 21

    I don’t think taking a supplement like this is enough to slow down aging. I’m sure it helps but you need to keep an active lifestyle and do plenty of outdoor activities. This won’t help you if you sit on the couch all day watching TV.

  21. 22

    I gave this a s present to my grandmother. She was always complaining that her time is coming and she will never feel the taste of joy. I’m happy to say that now after three months she is a changed person, with an optimistic view and a smiling face.

  22. 23

    My father takes this a lot and he’s a lot more active and happy than I used to know him. He is always on the move and I don’t find him stuck in his living room couch anymore. It’s nice to see how these things can change someone’s life.

  23. 24

    This product makes me feel more energetic and less tired. I am able to do more things and and I am lot more confident. My kids say I am a lot better and they like my new found self. I think this product deserves a try.

  24. 25

    I use it exactly as an energy boost and I’m very pleased with it. I don;t feel very tired any more and I get to do a couple extra things during the day. I think it’s a good choice for someone without serious problems.

  25. 26

    It’s good to know that you can find something to help you out when in need. Last year it was the first time I felt that my age is starting to make a difference in my daily life. I tried to ignore it but it kept getting worse. I was more and more tired and felt bad about not being able to do all the things I was used to. But then I tried Juvenon, and I slowly crawled my way back to my former self. Thank you very much!

  26. 27

    I don’t feel any younger, but I can’t say it’s worthless. I do feel better, especially in the evening, when I used to feel so incredibly tired.

  27. 28

    Have been trying Juvenon for several years now and have reached the conclusion that for me, rather than “improve” sleep it has interferred with a restful night. Also, in my case, low B-12 was causing my lack of energy. I believe that “one size does not necessarily fit all”.

  28. 29

    I feel I have much more energy since I am using Juvenon. It’s expensive, but it seems to work for me. So I think it worth the money.

  29. 30

    I’m 60 years old and happy with this product. I definitely feel a lot more energetic than I used to be. I only wished the company that sold the product was as good when dealing with customers. Shipping problems used to be common at first but now it’s ok.

  30. 31

    Satisfactory, this is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about Juvenon. although it was an effective energy booster and it improved my memory, I switched to a less expensive supplement.

  31. 32

    I wouldn’t buy Juvenon as there are cheaper herbal alternatives on the market to having more energy and sleeping better. I don’t believe there is any medication that can slow down the aging process.

  32. 33

    Got Juvenon directly from the company and got charged twice for the same bottle, with no option to return the package. The product is really good tho so i’m going to search for a good retailer. Amazon looks like a deal.

  33. 35

    Juvenon is amazing…one complain tho: i don’t like the price, is too expensive. Also, you need to sign up for “life” to get a decent discount. Juvenon will sell itself because is amazing…there is no need for such “cheap” advertising campaign.

  34. 36

    Be careful with this! It may not work for everyone. Some friends told me that juvenon is amazing but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

  35. 37

    I’m not a fan of drugs, in fact i hate them. But after reading an article about Ames and his experiments i decided to give Juvenon a try. It seems to be working.

  36. 39

    Wow,i think Juvenon is really underrated by many. Is one of the best supplements out there…if not even THE BEST!

  37. 41

    sadly not what i hoped for…if anyone can recommend me another similar product his advice would be greatly appreciated.