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Joints in Motion Review
Joints in Motion Review

PUBLISHED: 02/01/2013 by brreader
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Joints in Motion

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Joints in Motion is advertised as a topical cream designed to alleviate joint pain. The manufacturing company is a large Australian manufacturer of healthcare products called Golden Glow. The product is claimed to synergistically combine Capsaicin and Glucosamine Sulfate. While Capsaicin decreases the natural substance that passes pain signals to the brain (called Substance P), Glucosamine sulfate is aimed at providing joints and cartilage with the necessary substances (Sulfur and glucosamine) to function properly.

The manufacturing company Golden Glow enjoys a vast market experience which exceeds 35 years. The company is very popular among customers, due to its customer care orientation. All company products are offered a 30 day money back guarantee, while all customers and potential Golden Glow clients can consult a naturopath for free by using the manufacturer’s official website. The manufacturer markets a broad range of healthcare formulations such as dietary supplements (herbal products, vitamins, minerals, fish oil, homeopathic formulations, etc), home care products, and beauty and personal care products.

Joints in Motion should be applied for at least two weeks or until pain diminishes. It should not be applied on damaged or irritated skin. Glucosamine is derived from shellfish; hence people with allergies should use it with caution.

Joints in Motion Ingredients

Joints in Motion includes the following ingredients: Capsicum annuum (Capsicum), and Glucosamine Sulfate – Potassium Chloride Complex.

Product Features

Joints in Motion contains a combination of two ingredients which work to approach joint pain in various ways and eliminate it. Glucosamine sulfate is a naturally produced substance. The body makes it in order to build joints and cartilage; hence its presence here is essential to normal joint functioning. The role of Glucosamine is to maintain the fluid in the joints healthy. The sulfate form of Glucosamine is better absorbed by the body. Supplements are usually made from the outer shells of crabs, shrimp, and other shellfish; however it can also be synthetically derived.

There are several published research efforts designed to study the benefits of Glucosamine supplementation. Although results are inconclusive, it appears that Glucosamine may decrease joint pain associated to mild and moderate osteoarthritis. Also, there is evidence that Glucosamine acts to protect the health of the synovial fluid, keeping joints lubricated and preventing serious disease. The substance is undergoing study as a treatment for osteoarthritis, and has been especially effective in alleviating symptoms of hip and knee osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is considered to have a high safety profile, with few, mild side effects including abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, and diarrhea.

Capsaicin is used to treat minor pains of joints and muscles. Capsaicin is the substance that makes peppers hot, and works by heating the painful area, and relieving pain by stimulating and decreasing intensity of pain signals sent to the brain. It is also believed to help with congestion and lung problems, intestinal conditions, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart health.

Joints in Motion should be applied 3-4 times daily on the painful area.

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  • The formula carries a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Glucosamine and Capsaicin have been scientifically studied and are considered safe
  • You can ask for further details on the product from the naturopath team which can be reached using the manufacturer’s website


  • Evidence on the effectiveness of Glucosamine supplements is contradictory
  • Lack of consumer reviews available online for the formula
  • The product may contain allergenic ingredients (shellfish)


Joint and bones health usually declines as people age, due to various natural processes that take place over a long period of time (friction, tension, etc). Painful conditions may hence appear as a consequence. The most common disease affecting joints is osteoarthritis. Numerous treatment medications have been developed, aiming at effectively controlling pain, and slowing down or reverse progression of the disease at the same time. Joints in Motion comes in the form of a topical cream, ready to be applied on the painful area and deliver active substances that support joint structure and eliminate associated pain. The cream has not received any consumer reviews and it is difficult for us to certify its effectiveness.

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