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Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium Review
Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium Review

PUBLISHED: 06/15/2013 by BR Technical
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Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium

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Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium Plus is advertised as a dietary supplement which desires to deliver reliable quantities of its main ingredients in order to maintain general well-being for people who either have difficulties when it comes to daily mineral absorption or don’t have a proper diet. The business that provides this product to people is called Jigsaw Health.

The company was founded in 2005 on Arizona area and their establishers were a son and a father that have been fighting chronic health conditions for approximately thirty years. Their names are Pat Sullivan and Patrick Sullivan Jr. Nowadays, they take pride in the fact that the company reached more than eight years of experience and from their client data base that extends further than ninety thousand people, eighty percent of them usually return.

Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium is composed of two minerals that play a key role in the support of bodily areas such as kidney, muscles, heart, joints, and brain. Moreover, it offers help when it comes to avoidance of problems linked to skeletal system. A magnesium lack in the organism may lead to a calcium elimination that can be relatively dangerous if kept throughout longer periods. Sustained release technology is utilized in order to offer better rates of absorbency,

Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium Ingredients

Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium contains the following ingredients: Vitamins B6 and D3, Folate, elemental Magnesium, Malic Acid, Calcium, Boron, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, and Molybdenum.

Product Features

Created as a daily nutritional supplementation for general health, Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium contains two essential blends that have been mixed with magnesium provided with the help of sustained release technology. It is actually a multi-mineral blend that offers its core minerals in a 1:1 ratio. On the other hand, the manufacturer suggests other supplement designed by them for those seeking a 2:1 ratio.

The motive behind the choice of these two minerals is their impact upon the entire body. From skeletal system to the brain, liver, lungs, and heart, they play an important role in growth and development. This means that possible deficiencies may lead to serious complications. Due to the fact that people don’t necessarily eat as required, their organisms slowly begin to react and cardiovascular problems like heart attacks, increased cholesterol levels or heartburn may occur. Moreover, their antioxidant qualities represent assistance for detoxification processes and slowly minimize oxidative damage at a cellular level.

These minerals were scientifically tested and are included in a wide array of natural supplements. The main difference relies on its absorbency rate. Although most of the people expect very fast results, by following this treatment on a slightly longer period, it assures better results because the body isn’t exposed to high amounts of ingredients at once.

Although there haven’t been any reported side-effects, some may occur due to its components.

Sale Price: $34.97

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: JigsawHealth

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  • Sustained release technology is used in order to enhance its effectiveness in the body
  • It features ingredients which are essential for the proper functioning of the organism
  • A 90-day money-back guarantee is offered


  • There is no FDA approval on this remedy, thus it can’t treat or cure any disease
  • Inconclusive information about the long-term utilization and potential counteractions with prescribed medication
  • Customer testimonials are relatively few


Desiring to provide a balance between two essential minerals on a daily basis, Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium represents a dietary supplement meant for people who either don’t include them in their daily diets, are experiencing bodily modification because the aging processes kicked in or possess stressful lives which leads a larger utilization from the body’s resources. The main difference between it and other products found on the nutritional market which promise the same results is the absorption rate which is slower, but regarded as more effective. The reason behind Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium’s efficacy is the fact that the body tends to eliminate ingredients found in higher than required amounts.

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    Carla Stuart

    I found Jigsaw Magnesium-Calcium helpful in relieving foot cramps and joint pains, which were a common occurrence during rainy days or when it was very hot. I’m very pleased with the results.