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Jan de Vries Body Energy Review
Jan de Vries Body Energy Review

PUBLISHED: 05/12/2016 by BR Publishing
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Jan de Vries Body Energy

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Jan de Vries Body Energy is a literary work written to help readers boost their mental and physical energy through a set of exercises that involve the mind, brain, muscles, bones, and eyes. The book is written by an experienced author named Jan de Vries who was also a famous pharmacist with a lot of medical experience in both alternative and traditional medicine. The author graduated from pharmacy school in the late 50’s and became interested in naturopathic medicine short after. Since then he opened several clinics and health food stores across Britain and Ireland. He practiced a combined type of medicine which he calls complementary medicine. Jan de Vries believes that this combination of orthodox and alternative medicine is the correct approach for treating a broad spectrum of illnesses. The reputable healthcare specialist passed away in 2015, but his literary work remains as a testimony of his dedication to changing the lives of those who chose to believe in his practices.

Body Energy is one of the several books of the author and offers a different approach. The paper consists in drawings and photographs of various exercises which can help those who practice them to harness energy and become more active.


Jan de Vries Body Energy contains the following ingredients: Not applicable.

Product Features

Jan de Vries Body Energy is one of the numerous books written by Jan de Vries (we counted more than 40). The author has also written papers about various other health claims, including cancer, arthritis, migraines, epilepsy, heart problems, or menopause. Motivational books are also part of the literary legacy left by the author. Some of the titles include: “Inner Harmony”, “Emotional Healing”, “10 Golden Rules for Health”, or “A Life in Healing”.

This particular paper is different because it uses the simplest language to reach its purpose: images. Whether they are drawings of photos, the graphic representations are designed to help those who decide to practice the exercises to enhance their energy levels and improve overall performance. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot access any of the book’s content so we cannot make a clearer picture about its structure, the types of exercises, and how detailed is the information provided.

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  • The book is written by a reputable and experienced author with a rich medical experience.
  • The cost of this book is very low (approximately $8-9) and it also comes in an e-book format.


  • There is not enough information provided on the official site about the content of this paper.
  • Consumer testimonials are unavailable at this time.


Jan de Vries Body Energy is a motivational book that tries to teach us how to restore our energy levels and perform better in our daily activities. The book is a graphical guide accessible to a large number of people and easier to understand due to the way the information is presented. At this time we cannot say how effective the book is in helping its readers to boost their energy because there are very few testimonials available for online consulting.

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