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Instaflex Muscle Support Reviews
Instaflex Muscle Support Reviews

PUBLISHED: 09/12/2013 by brreader
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Instaflex Muscle Support

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Instaflex Muscle Support is presented as being a dietary supplement created to support the health of muscles.

Instaflex is the United States company that developed and manufactures this product and is a business that was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On their web site they present themselves as being a leading brand of health and activity that also claims to manufacture revolutionary supplement and health products. They also present their products as being carefully researched and crafted using proprietary blends, developing formulas that are said to be effective and safe. All of their product can be purchased from their web site, where they offer a free trial program, as well as a money-back guarantee.

The manufacturer presents Instaflex Muscle Support as being a scientifically formulated blend that aims to reduce cramping, decrease soreness and can also help speed up muscle recovery as well. This blend has been made up by mixing together six active ingredients that have been tested for effectiveness and have positive effects that support muscle health as well. Instaflex Muscle Support is also a product that has been designed to come in capsule form, capsules that are made using gelatin that comes from animal sources, thus this product is not suitable for the use of vegans and vegetarians.

Instaflex Muscle Support Ingredients

Instaflex Muscle Support contains the following ingredients: Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, L-Glutamine Monohydrate, Gelatin, and Rice flour.

Product Features

This blend of six ingredients falls in the category of multivitamins and is made using vitamins, minerals, and an amino acid.

Magnesium is an active ingredient that can be found in this blend and is a mineral that has been concluded to be essential for human health, playing role in over 300 chemical reactions that take place in the body. This ingredient has been found to be effective as a laxative and has also been observed to help with some conditions that affect the circulatory system. This mineral has been also use by athletes to increase their energy levels as well as endurance during work outs.

Another active ingredient is Vitamin E, which is a substance that can be obtain from food sources like vegetable oils, cereals, meat, eggs, as well as wheat germ oil. This is an ingredient that was concluded as being helpful with a series of health issues that affect the circulatory system, helping with chest pain, heart attack, blocked arteries, and high blood pressure. This ingredient has been used to improve physical endurance, increase energy, and reduce muscle damage after exercising; it can also help improve muscle strength. If used in high doses this mineral is considered to be unsafe, people reporting side effects like weakness, fatigue, blurred vision, bleeding, or bruising.

Instaflex Muscle Support comes in a container that contains 90 capsules and has the recommended use of three capsules per day.

Sale Price: $26.99

Free Trial* Available: Yes

Store: Amazon

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  • The manufacturing company is well respected and has a serious research team.
  • The manufacturer’s web site presents a free trial program as well as money-back guarantee.
  • Several positive online customer testimonials have been found.


  • This is not a vegetarian-friendly product.
  • Information about a long-term use has net been made available.


Instaflex Muscle Support appears to be an effective dietary supplement that was created to support muscle health and is said to be helpful with recovery, soreness, as well as with cramping of the muscles. The manufacturer has chosen six ingredients in order to produce this formula, ingredients that are said to promote endurance and support muscle growth. Each container of formula provides a one month supply and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, coming with a free trial as well as full 30-day money-back guarantee. Instaflex Muscle Support is not suitable for vegetarian use, but there are a number of online testimonials that support the claims of effectiveness.

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