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Insomnia Program Blue Review
Insomnia Program Blue Review

PUBLISHED: 01/07/2016 by brreader
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Insomnia Program Blue

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Blue Heron Health News offers a variety of tools to achieve spiritual and physical health, including recipes, health guides in the form of videos and articles, as well as a variety of audio Programs designed to assist with specific conditions, such as migraine & headaches, menopause, weight, vertigo, snoring, insomnia and others. The Insomnia Program Blue is one of these audio tracks that targets to solve sleep troubles such as insomnia. Furthermore, it claims to do so with a great efficacy of 9 out of 10 users reporting back positive responses.

This audio therapy against sleep problems is designed as a two stage program: the first lasts for 25 minutes and aims to build up relaxation so that in the second stage (50 minutes) the user enters a deep sleep that lasts throughout the night.

The presentation page fails to offer any scientific or clinically proven evidence of the program’s effectiveness and instead is filled with what seem to be consumer testimonials; all positive, as expected.


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Product Features

Sleep cycles occur in 4 stages, the first two stages is characterized by theta waves, while stages 3 and 4 are characterized by delta waves which are slow and high in amplitude. Delta sleep is the deepest sleep, where it is most difficult to be awakened. A normal night’s sleep goes through all 4 stages, then back up from the start except that stage 1 is replaced by REM sleep. One cycle, from stage 1 to REM takes approximately ninety minutes. This cycle is repeated throughout the night, with the length of REM periods increasing while at the same time the length of delta sleep decreases. The last few cycles of the night there is no delta sleep at all.

People with insomnia and sleep problems have been shown to have low theta and delta activity.

The Insomnia Program’s first 25 minutes stage claims to be a step by step guide to reaching the slow theta and delta stages that promote sleep. This is done through a combination of mind, eye and relaxation exercises. The second 50-minutes stage consists of relaxing sound that help you stay asleep.

There are no details regarding the exact technique through which the program helps successfully complete these two stages.

The program is claimed to work alone, without any exercise, diet change, drugs, sleeping pills, or any other therapy.

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  • The Program is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee
  • The reputation of Heron Health News is excellent, and they offer a variety of free tools to reach health as well
  • Testimonials claim the program works, however they are only available on the product official page


  • The price of the program is rather high; roughly $50
  • There is no clinical evidence available that can back up the claimed benefits and success rate of 90%


The sound therapy, along with light therapies that target specific problems; is gaining more and more popularity among alternative medicine solutions. Products that advertise binaural waves, specific frequency encoding, or isochronic tones have proven effective for certain individuals and in some areas such as stress reduction and increasing focus and attention.
Sleep problems and insomnia are a serious issue and should be given proper medical attention, including diagnose. Treatment should be established by a healthcare practitioner, especially if they persist. Insomnia Program Blue may prove to be a solution, although we are not sure of its claimed rate of success, in absence of any clinical evidence.

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